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Diensten voor business consulting

Organisations often function on the basis of a department-focused approach. Perhaps yours does too. Each department tries to improve its own performance. However, this may be at the expense of the overall result.

Start from your processes

By adopting a process-driven approach you can take your company's performance to the next level. Go step by step.

  • Name the primary and supporting business processes.
  • Map them out and establish interrelationships.
  • Identify the key processes that need to be improved.
  • Systematically improve the parameters of those processes through targeted techniques.
  • Record those improved results so that they are not lost.

What can you expect from us?

As a ‘travelling companion’ we will guide you through that process so that your organisation can grow to its full potential. You can count on our support in 4 fields of expertise: Process Design, Business Performance, Operational Excellence and ISO Management Systems.

We offer you customised support based on expertise, but always closely aligned with your corporate culture.

Onze domeinen

  • Process Design
    Process Design involves working together to define your processes, visualise them and establish their interrelationships so that you can best serve your customer.
  • Business Performance
    Numbers tell the story. KPIs enable your organisation to grow and make adjustments where necessary. Find out how Moore can boost your Business Performance.
  • Operational Excellence
    Continuously improve the service to your customers by streamlining your processes and addressing problems quickly. Moore helps you through  the application of Lean Management.
  • Management Systems (IMS)
    A management system helps keep your processes structured according to international standards. ISO standards are the most common reference in this regard.

We know your sector

Thanks to our in-depth market knowledge in various sectors, we are familiar with the challenges you face, today and tomorrow.

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Contact one of our experts

Henk Deprez

Henk Deprez

quality management systems; sector industry

Maartje Alberts_2.

Maartje Alberts

quality management systems; sector industry

Kimberley Lampaert

Kimberley Lampaert

Project management; sector energy


We do more than Process & Performance

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