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Real estate taxation

A guide to real estate taxation

Acquiring real estate and investing in real estateare often seen as a long-term investment with a significant impact on the overall assets. There are many tax issues involved in purchasing and owning property. Entrepreneurs and private investors are confronted with specific tax rights and obligations. Optimised taxation requires expert advice.

How can Moore help you with real estate?

At Moore Tax & Legal Services, a team of specialists in real estate (taxation) is ready to assist you with the optimal organisation of this acquisition, as well as with other real estate-related decisions. Examples include:

  • Acquisition structures with rights in rem (usufruct, right of superficies, emphyteusis), as well as the impact of conversion works and the (early) termination or sale
  • Possibility, expediency and rationale of holding private real estate in the company, including procedures around the application of the remuneration theory
  • Advice on registration fees on purchase (including application of favourable regimes for owner-occupied homes and professional sellers)
  • Optimisation of real estate tax, including with respect to equipment and tools
  • Tax implications and optimisation of withdrawal of real estate from a company
  • Assistance with setting up specialised real estate companies, e.g. SREIF/FIIS
  • Optimisation of the VAT expense in investment projects, such as by application of the ‘VAT unit’ principle, B2B rental and property lease
  • Considerations in the matter of real estate transfer to the next generation
  • Considerations when purchasing/owning/selling real estate abroad

Why choose Moore?

  • Moore, because our experienced partners and staff will always accompany you on your journey
  • Moore, because as a client you deserve nothing less than our full attention and care
  • Moore, because we support you with even more passion for entrepreneurship
  • Moore, because as a company we offer such a wide range of services that we can support you and your organisation in various areas and, thanks to our global network, can also help you with your plans abroad

Because Moore is not only there for the big picture, but also for the little details that matter to you.

Contact one of our experts

Dimitri Lemeire

Dimitri Lemaire

Director Tax & Legal Services

Tom De Clercq

Tom De Clercq

Manager Tax & Legal Services