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Looking for an accurate valuation of your organisation?

Whether as part of a takeover, a (family) share transfer or wealth structuring, a correct valuation of your organisation is crucial at such moments. But how can you be sure your company is being valued at its real worth?

Our specialists will weigh up and employ a range of valuation methods depending on your specific situation, e.g. net asset value, return value, comparison value. We will then go on to take account of non-financial components, such as for example the purpose of the transaction, any family considerations or other alternatives that may exist.

In a number of cases, we will also look at the real market value of your company, as this may also deserve some attention. In those situations, you can count on our ability to make an excellent estimation of that market value, thanks to our prominent presence on the takeover market.

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Koen Steeland

Koen Steeland

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