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Processes, organisation and tools in line with a new market reality

Customer case

Sector: Energy

Utilities are faced with new competitors and profound changes in the market. In order to properly absorb these changes, they must adapt their processes, organisation and tools to this new reality. Moore Business Consulting guided one of them through these adjustments.

Shortening the time-to-market

The client, a global leader in energy supply and services for both B2C and B2B, wanted to move away from separate sales organisations for its two market segments. A change in the market required a redesign of the B2B processes, the organisation and the tools in order to significantly reduce the time-to-market of products. Moore Business Consulting succeeded in bringing everything on track operationally within the predetermined deadline. 

What were the challenges associated with this project?

Once the scope of the project had been determined, a challenging 18-month period began to accordingly align all the processes, the organisation and the supporting tools. A complex operation.

The core applications SAP CRM and SAP IS-U, embedded into a landscape of some 120 applications, had to be replaced, which required detailed analysis and rigorous planning.

Long-term processes had to be taken into account, both in the migration/transition of the applications and during the temporary replacement processes within the company.

How did Moore Business Consulting help?

  • The transition of the business and application landscapes was planned, prepared and managed in detail.
  • From the very start, all the long-term processes were identified and assessed, working together with the respective business teams. Both the strategy and the plan of action were approved by the client. As a result, everyone worked in the same direction, and any problems were detected in a timely manner and appropriate solutions found.
  • During the build-up phase, temporary and transition-specific solutions were meticulously set up and critical components were extensively tested at different stages of the journey.
  • Teams were formed and given the necessary training, and were motivated to take on the most difficult tasks.

“A collaboration to be proud of”

The approach of Moore Business Consulting resulted in the business teams taking ownership of the solutions. “Thanks to rigorous planning, proper risk assessment and the necessary expertise, we were able to complete a long preparation process with a successful 'go live’. The client's B2B division was proud to start work in the new environment, with the new processes and tools. And, after all, that's what it's all about," said Joris Vanden Berghe, managing partner at Moore Business Consulting.

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