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Grants as a Service

What is Grants as a Service?

With our Grants as a Service (GaaS) program, you'll have access to a dedicated in-house consultant who can efficiently boost your organization's funding pipeline. Our consultant will identify the right grant opportunities at the right time, set funding priorities, and manage your internal application process to optimize your grant funding pipeline. We also offer support for grant management of approved applications, ensuring that all administrative, financial, and contractual obligations are fulfilled for timely and full payment. With GaaS, you'll have an effective grant management solution that creates a clear audit trail for streamlined compliance.

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Our added value

At Moore Grants & Incentives, we offer a wide range of services to support you in obtaining and managing grants. Our expertise spans the entire process, from identifying grant opportunities to managing awarded funding and preparing for audits and inspections.

Grant Mapping



Identify and define grant opportunities

Our GaaS consultant works closely with your team to identify and define grant opportunities. We gather and analyse information from various sources to match your internal agenda with suitable grant programs and opportunities, taking into account eligibility, evaluation criteria, and technical/thematic requirements.  We also consider cost-benefit throughout the funding process. With our expert analysis and support, you can maximize your chances of securing the funding you need.

Develop grant funding roadmap

Our GaaS consultant develops a customized funding roadmap based on the information gathered, outlining relevant grant opportunities with priorities, an action plan, and timeline. We continuously update the roadmap as new opportunities arise, ensuring your organization always has a strategic plan for grant funding. With our tailored approach, you can stay ahead of the game in securing funding for your projects.

Application Process Management



Coordinate multiple applications

When funding programs launch "calls for proposals," the specified deadline can apply to several project proposals at once, putting a strain on your internal grants team. Our GaaS consultant supports the coordination and monitoring of the process for multiple applications, lessening the workload for your team. We provide the necessary support to ensure that all applications are prepared and submitted on time, allowing you to maximize your chances of securing funding for your projects. With our help, your organization can handle multiple applications with ease.

Grant Management



Negotiate and prepare grant agreement (pre-award)

After your grant proposal has been evaluated and approved, a grant agreement must be established with the relevant funding agency before any payment can be awarded. Our GaaS consultant assists in the pre-award negotiations and coordinates the process with partners. We prepare the necessary documentation for the grant agreement to be signed, ensuring everything is in order for payment. With our support, you can navigate the grant agreement process with ease and confidence.

Manage grant and support project reporting (post-award)

Our GaaS consultant, in collaboration with our Grant Management Team, offers comprehensive support to project applicants and lead applicants (coordinators) to fulfil technical, administrative and financial obligations according to the Grant Agreement. With our assistance, you can confidently manage grant agreements and meet compliance requirements. What we do:

  • provide user-friendly templates and methodologies
  • coordinate the preparation of interim and final reports.
  • review drafts of technical and financial reports
  • monitor resource utilisation
  • liaise with funding agency representatives,
  • ensure a clear audit trail for future controls and audits.
Prepare grant control and audit

The grant funding agency will review your project progress reports and may conduct an audit up to several years after the project completion. Proper management and documentation of all project-related information is crucial. The GaaS consultant reviews and gives feedback on relevant documentation prior to inspections by the funding agency or auditor, ensuring that you are well-prepared and confident in the event of an audit.

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