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Diensten voor business consulting

Stijn Vermeulen
Business Analytics consists of bringing together Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Data Science solutions within one data and information architecture.Stijn Vermeulen

Strategic growth with data

As a forward-thinking company, you have chosen ERP and CRM systems to optimise your business and improve the way you work. An additional advantage of these systems is that you now have vast quantities of data at your disposal - but what do you do with it? And how does this data work to your advantage, or does it support the launch of completely new products and services?

element61, part of Moore Belgium since 2016, specialises in converting your data into clear information with which you can make better decisions. Using the right tools & methods, we help to connect the dots between different data points, so that we can formulate new insights. These insights help you, as an entrepreneur, to make tangible improvements that not only improve the performance of your company, but also relate to your company culture and long-term strategy.

Who is element61?

With our team of consultants by your side, you can count on vast experience in various disciplines, including Business Analytics, Performance Management and Data Science & Strategy. We are admired for our expertise, and are certified partners of IBM Cognos, Microsoft PowerBI and SAP Business Objects. We also focus on innovation and are proficient in several recent solutions, including SigmaConso, CCH Tagetik and Qlik.

As your partner in business, we are proud to be more than just consultants. We provide information to optimise your business, as well as:

  • Coaching by learning to use data more effectively and by taking the internal organisation to a higher level in the area of Analytics,
  • Co-development whereby we build a solution together and employ knowledge transfer,
  • And transfer of our experience and knowledge to you and your team.

Together, we enhance your team and your business decisions, so that you can grow strategically towards the future.

A durable partnership

  • Experienced Business Analytics professionals by your side
  • Learn how to use data yourself in your business
  • New insights lead to improved performance
  • A relationship of trust between your company and our dedicated consultants
  • Meeting the future with strategic growth

What our customers say

Moore Belgium: a serious approach with a dose of humour. But they have always helped us help our customers even better.

Johan De Muynck • Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen

Moore Belgium takes a proactive and interactive approach to business - real Service with a capital S, with an emphasis on thinking ahead and on the same wavelength, to avoid as much as possible having to resolve problems later on.

Koen De Smet • Oneliner

For our projects - with the risks and major responsibilities - professional advice is not enough; with the experts at Moore Belgium, you have a feeling of genuine partnership.

Chris Poulissen • Poulissen & Partners Architectenbureau