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Turn a tipping point into your success

As a shareholder, you will often be confronted with specific problems. Sometimes as part of a shareholder restructuring, sometimes when visions differ on strategy, sometimes when there are other developments. Every so often, it might even be because different visions or circumstances lead to a conflict.

To steer such crucial tipping points in the right direction, Shareholder Advisory at Moore Belgium could be your ideal adviser.

Developing a plan of approach together

In the initial phase, we always look for the right insight into your own (or family) objectives, along with those of others, as well as what exactly the company needs for a successful future. We also search for any alternatives that could be considered.

Taking account of your expectations and what exactly the possibilities are, we will outline a course of events together with a concrete plan of approach. Not only that - we will also guide you through the implementation of this plan, so you can feel assured that you are taking the right steps.

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Philippe Craninx

Philippe Craninx

Managing Partner Corporate Finance