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ILIAS Solutions

Customer case

Sector:  IT services

ILIAS Solutions has been developing software solutions for Defence for more than 20 years.Based on an internally developed standard software and integration with specialist applications and technologies developed by third parties, the ILIAS Defence Platform is sold and implemented worldwide.

Following the actual implementation, ILIAS Solutions maintains a long-term relationship with its clients providing management, training and continuous improvement services for these mission critical systems.Superior quality production and services are basic requirements to achieve this.

Client requirement

ILIAS Solutions was already ISO 9001:2008 certified but needed to transition to the new version of the standard ISO 9001:2015. The organisation recently achieved substantial growth, which meant that a number of processes needed to be re-evaluated.The transition to ISO 9001:2015 was actually an ideal moment for this, since the new standard is meant to map out business processes in detail.The transition from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015 was supervised by Moore.

Approach and result

ISO 9001 was nothing new to ILIAS Solutions, which meant that the main challenge was not the setting up of procedures and documentation.The quality manual, policy statement, objectives, job descriptions, etc. were already available and sufficiently documented by the Quality Manager.The main challenges related to the new elements associated with the standard and the promotion of co-ownership of the quality management system amongst the Management Team.

All members of the Management Team were, therefore, involved in the analysis of the context, stakeholders and associated risks and opportunities.Processes were mapped out in conjunction with the process owners, and relevant KPIs were defined.These activities led to a continual improvement in the management and monitoring of business processes at ILIAS Solutions.

And last but not least:to a successful introduction of the new ISO 9001 certification, with congratulations from the auditor for the improved management system and management involvement.

Client testimonial by Managing Director Jean-Pierre Wildschut

"ILIAS Solutions nv / sa has been committed to high quality standards for the life cycle of software development for more than two decades.The 2015 version of the ISO 9001 standard promptly led us to recognise the greater added value of this new approach and how it would benefit our organisation.The task was to challenge ourselves and Moore's expertise helped us to take our processes to the next level:to redesign our QMS in a pragmatic way on a scale that matched our organisation, and to increase quality awareness amongst our employees during their day to day activities.Thanks to Moore's expertise, we transitioned from a rather static process-based system to a recognisable and highly dynamic system, a management tool.Our collaboration was a great success and we would be happy to extend it in support of future certifications!

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