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To grow your business as an entrepreneur, you rely on your staff, your own experience and even on Business Intelligence to keep everything on the right track. But what if you used your data for more than just reporting and analysis? What if data could help you drive innovation in every part of your organisation, from production to marketing?

element61 guides you through a Data Science pathway, tailored to your business and its needs. We make maximum use of (Big) Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Thanks to new tools, skills and work processes, we unlock the power of your data, allowing you to drive innovation. Our data engineers, data scientists and data strategists offer expertise in the following domains:

  • Marketing & advertising technology, e.g. data management platforms (DMP) and customer data platforms (CDP)
  • Supply chains, e.g. Internet of Things, maintenance forecasts, etc.
  • Logistics and transport optimisation
  • Sales, e.g. B2B/B2C lead generation

What can you expect from element61?

We offer support for your business in a number of areas, including:

  • Identifying where data can make the difference for you: you have data at your disposal, but where exactly in your company can this information have an impact? Our data strategists work it out for you.
  • Design of your Big Data Platform: we guide you from a traditional Business Intelligence set-up to a modern data platform with the technology that suits you best.
  • Building your (Big) Data Platform: Our data engineers build an effective platform from the proposed architecture, in SAP, IBM or Microsoft Azure technology, using best practices such as DevOps and CI/CD.
  • Building your AI (Artificial Intelligence) application: Together with our data scientists, we develop an initial AI case using Spark, Python or R. Not only do you then have the case available, but your own internal team will be trained in the new tools, techniques and best practices.
  • Coaching & guidance in your new approach: To ensure that the investment in "smart data" pays off nicely, we make sure that your teams are prepared for the "data-driven" organisation and we integrate that intelligence into the existing business processes.

Contact one of our experts

Bart Van der Vurst

Bart Van Der Vurst

Data Strategist

Peter Depypere

Peter Depypere

Data Strategist