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De Watergroep has optimised various end-to-end processes

Customer case

Sector: Water & Utilities

De Watergroep, the largest drinking water company in the Flemish Region, has improved many business processes with the support of Moore Business Consulting. Not only are the employees convinced of the added value of these changes, but the decision-making process will also be smoother from now on.

Drinkable water for everyone

De Watergroep is the largest drinking water company in the Flemish Region. The company employs 1,470 workers and has 3 million customers. Its core activities are the production and distribution of drinking water, the management of infrastructure for drinking water and the disposal and treatment of wastewater. De Watergroep also offers large companies customised solutions for the management of their entire water cycle.

What were the challenges associated with this project?

Because there was a need for better business performance and greater effectiveness, De Watergroep decided to redesign some business processes and to integrate them into an integrated ERP application that replaces older applications. A pretty tough assignment, that Moore Business Consulting helped bring to fruition.

The fundamental project affects a lot of processes

In order to achieve those goals, a project was set up to cover the new enterprise. Many business processes underwent changes: order-to-cash, service management, billing, asset management, logistics, procurement and finance.

A fundamental project of this type also has a large impact on the organisation. Many departments and responsibilities are involved. De Watergroep could count on the experienced team of Moore Business Consulting for the project management, the business process redesign and the change implementation.

Integrated, project-based approach

  • Small, dedicated teams of specialists were first brought together from the various business units involved. They redesigned the business processes working together in workshops. This allowed the processes to be assessed and redesigned in an integrated, "end-to-end" manner.
  • Once the ERP application had been created, it was intensively tested by test teams to fully secure the business processes. The way in which these tests were conducted was unique, and new to De Watergroep, with the test teams consisting of individuals from all the related departments. In addition to the standard test scenarios, the teams were asked to design, approve and execute exceptional test scripts related to their day-to-day operations. The teams were encouraged to take full responsibility.

“The involvement of people is one of the keys to success”

“The corporate integration has now been completed. By involving employees at an early stage in the change and decision-making process, people feel involved in the project and the change it brought, and they take more ownership. A nice additional result of the integrated project-based approach is that the decision-making processes now run more smoothly. Thanks to this successful collaboration, we are now also going to work for De Watergroep in other areas," says Joris Vanden Berghe, managing partner at Moore Business Consulting.

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