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Advice for the growth of your company

Doing business requires guts, talent and a clear plan. But unfortunately even that is not enough.

In order to grow step by step, it is crucial to avoid the legal pitfalls and to take advantage of the legal opportunities! And that is no easy task, because the regulations you are subject to are complex and change regularly.

Your once so clear plan therefore comes up against complexity, but that is precisely why we are happy to help you with appropriate advice tailored to your company! Regardless of what your plans are, e.g. doing business internationally or taking over a business, our experienced lawyers are ready to assist you with the following:

  • A straightforward, no-nonsense style of working and communicating
  • Concise and guiding advice, drawn up in understandable contracts
  • The statutory administration of your company that is always kept up-to-date.

What services can we offer you?

We offer solutions for the following matters:

  • Agreements: e.g. transfer of shares or assets, management and shareholder agreements, service agreements, joint ventures, rental contracts, etc.
  • Corporate housekeeping & compliance check: e.g. convocation formalities, legal reporting, dismissals and appointments, publications in the Belgian Official Gazette, etc.
  • Corporate & business law: e.g. incorporation of companies, amendments to the articles of association, mergers & demergers, liquidations, 'alarm bell' procedures, etc.

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Bert Lutin

Bert Lutin

Partner Tax & Legal Services

Carl Boudewyn

Carl Boudewyn

Senior Manager Tax & legal services