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Audit assignments

Mo(o)re than a corporate auditor

Whether you are considering an acquisition, restructuring or merger, a corporate auditor is essential in order to deliver all the mandatory reports and records. Situations in which reports are mandatory:

  • A change in legal status
  • Contributions in kind
  • Dissolution of a company 
  • Corporate mergers
  • Division of a company
  • Liquidity test
  • Net active test

When appointing a corporate auditor you can opt for: a company auditor pro forma, or an auditor who will work in tune with you on the broader framework of such a legal assignment. 

When choosing Moore, you can rely on a ‘traveling companion’ who not only guides you in a highly skilled and efficient manner, but also gives unequivocal advice providing added value to your audit assignment.

Our sustainable approach is based on both a digital and personal format: we use advanced digital tools to ensure seamless collaboration, whilst at the same time operating discreetly in the background, being mindful of your existing relationships of trust. This combined approach provides a comprehensive overview throughout each stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

Your partner in Moore

The team that takes on your audit assignments has extensive experience and focuses exclusively on these matters. You can count on seamless cooperation at all times because:

  • We are a multidisciplinary team with expertise in many different fields
  • You can rely on our extensive (inter)national network, including for example notaries, accountants, etc.
  • We offer seamless reporting as well as practical support when conducting an audit assignment.

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Wendy Van der Biest

Wendy Van der Biest

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