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Innovation Grants

What are grants?

Grants are a valuable form of government funding that support a wide range of innovative projects in fields such as research, public service, and sustainable economic development. Here are some key points to keep in mind when considering grant funding:

  • Grants do not need to be repaid, making them an attractive option for innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • There are numerous types of grants available, ranging from small business grants to funding for multinational corporations, universities, and knowledge institutes.
  • Grant applications are typically submitted in response to a specific call for proposals, and are governed by a signed grant agreement with the relevant funding agency.
  • Grant funding is meant to cover costs directly related to the activities described in the approved application and grant agreement, rather than general operational expenses.
  • Grants are milestone-based, with payments made according to a schedule outlined in the grant agreement.
  • Milestones may be tied to specific achievements, such as reaching innovation or sustainability goals, or creating new knowledge.

Discover the grant programmes

Governments provide support for organizations at every stage of their innovation journey, from R&D to commercialization and investment, with a particular focus on sustainability. In Belgium, regional governments offer local support, while the European Commission provides support to organizations across the European Union.

Our added value

Plan and coordinate proposal preparation



Guide process step by step

At Moore Grants & Incentives, we're here to make the grant proposal process simpler and more manageable, particularly for collaborative projects should you decide to work with partners. Our experienced team will guide you through each step of the process, including gathering necessary information and requirements, forming a grant proposal team, and determining if any expertise is lacking. We'll work with you to develop a customized model that outlines roles, responsibilities, and communication channels for all parties involved.

Workflow and time management

Moore Grants & Incentives has a team of funding experts with extensive experience in managing collaborative project proposal preparation. We prioritize setting realistic timelines with clear deliverables and deadlines, and we closely follow the submission process to ensure timely delivery of the proposal. We work with you to develop a model for the proposal development process that identifies key milestones and deliverables, and we coordinate the administrative process of the proposal. Our team will make proper arrangements with key contributors or consortium partners, and follow up closely to ensure agreements are respected. The proposed workflow enables effective and efficient collaboration, and will ensure tasks are completed on time.

Design and develop the proposal



Strategic proposal design

Moore Grants & Incentives provides a comprehensive gap analysis to evaluate the extent to which your project concept, approach, and consortium (if applicable) align with all criteria. This analysis helps optimize the project's scope, objectives, and proposal structure. We identify areas where certain expertise may be lacking or potential overlap exists, and strategically design the proposal for efficient use of resources, expected impacts, specific topic conditions, and policy-related agendas. We believe in establishing a clear project vision and goals to ensure a targeted and coherent proposal. It's crucial to define the project's vision and goals early on to ensure alignment among all stakeholders. Our team works closely with you to help establish a clear understanding of your project's aims and objectives, leading to a more effective proposal.

Develop and enrich the project proposal

At Moore Grants & Incentives, we use a strategic and systematic approach to develop highly competitive grant applications. Our technical expertise allows us to ask the right questions and shape the project framework effectively.

Our approach combines strategic logic with a systematic approach. Strategic logic considers the proposed project's concept and methodology's relevance and consistency with the overall grant funding scheme goals. It also ensures replicability towards the relevant region for optimized impact. The systematic approach involves developing the work plan that aligns with the objectives, clarifying how activities will be performed, and identifying appropriate milestones and deliverables. It’s important that the workplan is consistent with both the allocated budget and the anticipated business case and impact of the project. This approach ensures the soundness and effectiveness of your proposed approach.

ubstantiation is another critical component of our approach. We require claims to be supported by references or quantifiable evidence, such as information on preliminary tests or prototypes, to increase the project's credibility. Our entire thinking process revolves around the 5Cs: Correct, Complete, Clear, Consistent, and Concise, ensuring a high-quality proposal.

Write proposal and submit



Write proposal

Depending on the requirements of your organization or the nature of the application and program, there are various writing approaches that can be employed. These can include full proposal writing, co-writing, or reviewing. When providing full writing support, we rely on the information and documentation that is already available within your organization, such as literature, reports, etc., and conduct interviews as needed. Once we have drafted the first version, we will share it with you for your review. In the case of co-writing and reviewing, we will establish clear agreements on the approach. Throughout the writing phase, we will continue to apply our 5C methodology.

Submit the application

The final stage of grant proposal preparation is the submission step, the key step for securing funding for your project. This is the moment when all the hard work you've put into your proposal comes together. It’s important that all the necessary supporting administration and documentation is complete. We understand the importance of timing, so we'll work with you to ensure that your proposal is submitted well before the deadline, as many funding agencies will not accept late submissions.

After submitting your proposal, we can also follow up with the funding agency on your behalf to ensure that it has been received and to address any issues that may arise. We will be with you throughout the evaluation procedure until the grant is awarded, providing guidance and assistance to ensure the best possible outcome for your project.


Contact one of our experts

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Kelly-Jayne Aylward, PhD

Managing Partner Moore Grants & Incentives

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