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The Belgian telecom sector has become extremely competitive and is constantly evolving today as a result of technological developments, new regulations and high customer expectations. If, as a telecom company, you want to continue to guarantee stable customer service,your personnel, processes and systems all have to keep up with these turbulent developments. Moore will help you find the optimal route when you need to change course.

A constantly changing landscape

The telecom sector is affected like no other by certain trends and new technologies.

  • Telecom companies with capital-intensive investments have to deal with increasing demand for more bandwidth and speed. The roll-out of 5G and the fibre optic network in Belgium is a real game changer. The demand for speed and stability will determine everything and increase competition in the market.
  • Connectivity is one of the most significant trends that will be apparent over the course of the next few years, something that has only been accelerated by the corona pandemic. Connected devices allow us to work and produce remotely. Their number is increasing exponentially worldwide. This brings enormous challenges, as well as opportunities, for telecom companies.
  • Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) solutions are the future. Networks of sensors collect and process large amounts of data on production efficiency. These kinds of solutions facilitate much more efficient and sustainable production and generate increased revenue. Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are essential to achieve further automation.
  • Cyber security isalso a major challenge and requires large investments from telecom companies. As builders, managers and operators of critical infrastructure, they are often the target of cyber attacks.

All these trends mean that, being a telecom company, you have to rethink your business operations, organisational structures and services to customers.

Challenges specific to telecom providers

The rapidly evolving telecoms landscape brings with it a number of specific challenges.

  • The accelerated rollout of 5G and fibre optics nationally is creating new players in the sector.
  • In order to remain competitive, alternative collaboration models and consolidations are emerging. Teams are managed differently and new requirements are set.
  • Telecom companies worldwide are valorising assets to free up resources to cover their increasing investment costs, which is necessary to offer customers the network of the future. The rise of the Towerco, whereby companies are buying up transmission towers from telecom companies with a view to exploiting them themselves, is a typical example.
  • Right-shoring of operational and support services in a very competitive labour market.

What can you expect from us?

This barrage of change is putting enormous pressure on companies in the telecom sector. It requires existing organisational structures, processes and systems to be redesigned and adapted. These changes have a major impact on the employees of telecom providers and their suppliers. New partnerships are introducing new players into the market.

  • We understand your challenges like no other and will support you in devising an appropriate strategy that will better position your organisation in this rapidly evolving environment.
  • We will help you outline the new organisational structure and culture needed to support your mission, vision and strategy.
  • We will guide managers and employees in times of change to enable them to take up their role in the future landscape whilst continuing to offer the current range of services.
  • Our process and digital consultants will help you model the appropriate processes and support systems required to be successful within this new business context.

Success Stories

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Tom Vanaudenaerde

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Wim Bruggeman

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