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Statutory auditor

Your point of contact from A to Z

As a large corporation or association you are legally required to appoint an auditor, who reports to the general meeting on the annual accounts. As auditors of your company, we check your organization from A to Z, with a focus on the annual account(s) and other financial information. We then compile this information into an auditor's report. This will provide you with a true representation of your organization's financial situation.

However, we would be pleased to offer you more than what is required by law. As a regular partner and point of contact you can rely on a seamless audit and timely reporting. Our aim is to give you maximum added value from our audit operations: we listen to your ideas, highlight sticking points and help you to remain distinctive and relevant at all times within a rapidly evolving business environment.

We also incorporate digital tools into our approach to make your audit experience even more efficient and transparent. This up to date approach, combined with our personal involvement, ensures that you not only comply with legal obligations, but also take full advantage of the opportunities that accurate financial analyses can provide for the growth of your organization.

Collaboration tailored to your business

Our passion for business drives us as a team to always give you the right advice tailored to your vision for the future. You can, therefore, count on the following:

  • An experienced and established team with a multidisciplinary approach.
  • We are happy to grow with you, even across national borders.
  • We are your traveling companion: personal, no-nonsense and pragmatic.

Focus on sustainability (ESG)

Nowadays ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is of crucial importance to companies. Audits play a key role in this respect, e.g. in the preparation of sustainability reports within the framework of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). These audits not only ensure transparency but also emphasize that, in addition to focusing on profits, companies are also genuinely concerned about sustainability. Further information concerning ESG can also be found on our ESG page

Contact one of our experts

Johan Van Mieghem

Johan Van Mieghem

Managing Partner Audit