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Statutory auditor

Your point of contact from A to Z

As a large company or association, you are legally required to appoint a statutory auditor who reports to the general meeting on the annual accounts. The Moore team checks the annual accounts of your businesses and other financial information, in order to combine them into one single statutory auditor's report. That way, you have an accurate overview of your organisation's financial situation.

But of course we offer much more than what is legally required. As permanent partner and point of contact from A to Z, you can count on a smoother audit and timely reporting. Our aim is to offer you as much added value as possible from our auditing services: we listen to your ideas, we point out any obstacles, and we help you to remain distinctive and relevant in a rapidly evolving business.

Collaboration tailored to your business

Our own passion for business drives us as a team to always give you the right advice, tailored to your plans for the future. That means you can count on the following:

  • An experienced and stable team with a multidisciplinary approach
  • We grow along with you, even in cross-border contexts.
  • We are your partner: personal, no-nonsense and pragmatic

Contact one of our experts

Johan Van Mieghem

Johan Van Mieghem

Managing Partner Audit