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The water industry provides an essential service to the population, but is also in the midst of change and transformation. Longer droughts, heavy rainfall and a network that is aging... It puts pressure on water supply and quality. Also digitalization, automation and sustainability are major challenges that require investment. The government encourages innovation, but also expects more cost-efficiency to cater to the end customer.

Standing still is going backwards

As a company in the water industry, you best align your processes, people and organization with this new context.

The water sector faces diverse challenges:

  • Digitization and automation.
  • Good quality, well-managed data for preventive and predictive maintenance of assets, among other things.
  • A substantiated replacement policy so that scarce resources are used as efficiently as possible.
  • A flexible organization focused on its core business and continuous improvement.
  • Reduction of water loss by optimizing the network so that maintenance is easier, and issues are more quickly spotted and remediated.
  • Fully commit to the new opportunities created by the use of digital meters for service delivery and water management.
  • Diversification of service offerings, such as the establishment and maintenance of closed water systems in industry, as well as in small communities.

In-depth sector knowledge

Moore knows your industry inside out and is happy to be your companion the route to finding appropriate answers to your business challenges.

Remote and digital water management with automated asset management

In the water industry, technological advances are crucial to managing water optimally and efficiently. Collecting data, is insufficient. That abundance of isolated, raw data must be centralized and converted to a workable format. Think user-friendly dashboards that offer concrete insights. Or machine learning & AI that translate data into smart proactive and predictive signals enabling remote water management in real time.

The paradox of innovation and investment vs. cost efficiency

Managing water as efficiently as possible requires innovation and investment. On the other hand, there is pressure from the government to operate more cost-efficiently and customer-oriented. To address that paradox you need a corporate culture that embraces change and continuous improvement. Also, a close cooperation with knowledge institutions and other companies within the water industry, and the utility sector in general, helps to innovate faster and more efficiently and provide a better, uniform customer experience.

What can you expect from us?

  • At Moore we combine expertise in various fields so that we can provide you with a tailored solution and end-to-end support.
  • In addition to knowledge of the water and utility industry, we have everything you need to help you with your process and organizational modeling, your IT architecture, your data management and your organization's transformation.
  • We guide you successfully to a new reality. Count on a wide range of digital solutions to guide you through your digital tranformation. For everything related to business analytics and business intelligence you can count on the expertise of element61, integral part of Moore.

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Geert Van Den Hende

Geert Van den Hende

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Marijn Eggermont

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