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DNB BA chooses a new vendor with help from Moore Business Consulting

Customer case

Sector: Utilities

DNB BA is a closed distribution system operator for the territory of Brussels Airport. Due to new processes and protocols, their Energy Data Management System needed updating, and they had to look for a new provider. Moore Business Consulting guided them to the right match by tackling all the challenges and closely monitoring the procedure.

Electricity distribution at Brussels Airport

DNB BA is a closed distribution system operator responsible for the distribution of electricity at the Brussels Airport site. They run, manage, maintain and develop the infrastructure that supplies energy to hundreds of customers. DNB BA does not thereby supply electricity, but transports it from the high-voltage grid to individual facilities.

Necessity to adapt the Energy Data Management System

The market is preparing to install a new federal platform (Atrias) and new market processes and message protocols (MIG6). In order to comply with this major release, DNB BA must update its Energy Data Management System (EDMS). That means that the head-end metering system must be integrated and that there must be interaction with Elia and with DNB BA customers (portal).

Retaining the current EDMS solution would mean a complete rebuild. Instead, DNB BA have chosen to go for a new system. They launched a European Request for Proposal (RFP) process in order to receive offers from qualified software vendors.

What were the challenges associated with this project?

The choice of a new provider involved some challenges:

  • Dealing with the uncertainty about the access of DNB BA to the new national central messaging system (CMS) of Atrias, versus a stand-alone scenario in which the final decision is made late in the process.
  • Obtaining economically interesting offers from providers who are capable of establishing a quality solution that takes the requirements of DNB BA into account. 
  • Going through an RFP process and selecting a provider with a limited core team at DNB BA.

Complete guidance in provider selection

DNB BA approached Moore Business Consulting, which has all the expertise on utilities, system architectures and provider selection in-house. 

Moore Business Consulting assisted DNB BA with the definition of:

  • The functional and technical requirements;
  • The requirements for the project implementation;
  • The requirements for the application maintenance and operational support for a new EDMS. 

All the requirements were brought together and described in the RFP document, which was then sent out to the market. 

After the receipt of all the potential provider responses, Moore Business Consulting experts assisted DNB BA in the analysis of the responses from the various providers. They responded to questions from providers, conducted interviews and assisted in the preparation of the selection report, including the related documentation. 

Thanks to this well-constructed approach and close follow-up, DNB BA found the best match and was able to select a suitable provider.

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