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Friday 14 October 2016

Disclaimer, legal information & terms of use of the site.

Use of the website is subject to the following general terms and conditions. You are deemed to have taken note of these general terms and conditions and accepted them without reservation.

Purpose of the site

The website contains information on the general organisation of and the services offered by the Moore offices in Belgium. The website also contains general information for visitors. However, Moore emphatically provides no professional services or advice through the website. The purpose of the website is merely to provide easy, fast and better access to information of a general nature. Moore provides no explicit or implicit guarantee whatsoever with respect to the accuracy and the completeness of that information. Visitors to the website use the information contained therein wholly at their own risk and accept full liability and risk for the consequences of the use thereof. Moore cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage or consequential losses, in consequence whereof Moore cannot be held liable in any manner whatsoever in respect of compensation for damages suffered or penalised or anything else, irrespective of whether such arise in contract, tort or otherwise. Further, Moore does not guarantee that this website is secure, free of errors or viruses or any other issues. The website also contains links to the websites of other companies, public agencies and institutions that provide information. These companies and public agencies and institutions are responsible for the information that they disseminate on their own websites.

All the information contained on our website is of a general nature, unless expressly stated otherwise. The information is not specifically tailored to a person or entity, and it cannot be considered as personal, professional or legal advice or the equivalent thereof. In order to obtain specific or personal advice, please consult the relevant agencies of the competent governmental body or seek our specific professional advice. Any information, documents and/or legislative texts available on or via the website cannot be deemed to be officially certified texts. Only those texts that are published in the Belgian Official Journal or the Official Journal of the European Union are deemed to be officially certified and take precedence.

The content of this website (including hyperlinks) can be modified, changed, supplemented or removed at any time without notice or notification for the purpose of updating it according to the latest developments and the applicable legislation. This limitation of liability applies to Moore Belgium and to all its affiliated companies within the meaning of the Companies and Associations Code.

Use and accessibility of the website

Moore diligently maintains the website and strives to ensure that all information is as complete, correct, understandable, accurate and up-to-date as possible. Despite all continuous efforts, the world is constantly changing and Moore cannot guarantee that the information provided is complete, accurate or up-to-date at all times. If the information provided on (or via) the website is erroneous, Moore will make every effort to correct this as soon as possible. If you find any inaccuracies, you can notify us in an e-mail at

Moore makes every effort to avoid interruptions of a technical nature. However, Moore cannot guarantee that the website will be completely free of interruptions and is not affected by technical problems.

Moore cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage arising from the use of the website or of information made available on or via the site, including, without limitation, all losses, work interruptions, damage to your programmes or other data on the computer system, or to your equipment or programmes.

Protection of personal data

To the extent that personal information is requested, Moore undertakes to handle the personal data in accordance with Directive EU 2016/679 (GDPR). In any case, Moore undertakes to only use such data for the purpose for which they were requested and not to disclose them to third parties. In this regard, Moore envisages the best possible protection measures to prevent third parties from misusing your personal data.

Hyperlinks & referrals

On or via the website, you will be referred to other websites of governments, agencies or organisations via (hyper) links, and you will be referred to information sources that are managed by third parties. Moore does not have any technical or content-related control or authority, and can therefore not provide any guarantee regarding the completeness or accuracy of the content, nor regarding the availability of these websites and sources of information. Hyperlinks to other sites on this site do not imply any endorsement of the external site or the contents thereof. The links are provided for your information and ease of use. Moore therefore declines all liability for direct or indirect damage resulting from the consultation or use of such external websites and the content thereof.

Intellectual property rights

You have the right to consult, download and reproduce the information on this website for your personal use, provided that you indicate the source, in accordance with the provisions contained in Book XI "Intellectual Property" of the Code of Economic Law. However, this permission does not apply to texts for which restrictions on use are explicitly stated. Moore retains all intellectual property rights on the website itself and on the information provided.

If you wish to make commercial use of information displayed on this website, or if you wish to share this information with the public, you must ask our permission. Permission can be requested by e-mail (, by letter or by fax. The request must state which information you wish to use and the purpose for which you wish to use this information. If you are granted permission, it is always free of charge.


All comments or material that you voluntarily provide to Moore without being requested, including the data or reactions concerning the content of this site, shall be considered as non-confidential. Moore rejects any obligation regarding the follow-up to be given to these general reactions and data. Moore Stephens may use these reactions and data as it sees fit, subject to restrictions determined in accordance with Directive 95/46/EC (GDPR).

You agree that Moore may use the ideas, concepts, knowledge and techniques contained in your reactions for any purpose whatsoever, including, among other things, developing and designing new services.


We take all appropriate measures to ensure the physical and logical security of our website, although we cannot guarantee perfect security. By consulting our website, you acknowledge that no system or procedure can completely rule out such risks and you accept the inherently associated risks.

You are responsible for protecting your own systems and interests regarding any form of electronic communication and/or internet traffic. We shall not be liable in any manner or form, whether contractual, criminal (including negligence) or otherwise, for any loss, error or omission arising out of or in connection with the use of our website.


This online agreement and all disputes and claims arising from the use of this site or any information contained therein are subject to Belgian law. Consultation of this website implies that you submit to the jurisdiction of the Belgian courts and that you agree to bring all proceedings only before those courts.

All disputes shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the judicial district of Antwerp, subsection Antwerp.