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Philippe Craninx
Whether it's an international takeover, the sale of your SME or a complex financial operation, our team will provide expert and personalised guidance. In doing so, we'll integrate all the necessary competencies with just a single goal, i.e. the successful achievement of your strategic decision.Philippe Craninx Managing Partner Corporate Finance


    Specialist advice and tailored guidance

    Would you like to expand your organisation or take over another company? Are you looking for extra capital to carry out your plans or accelerate your growth? Or maybe you need some guidance on selling your own company? Whatever the strategic challenge is, you can count on Moore Corporate Finance standing ready to help you.

    Our process-oriented approach is always tailored to your specific situation and pairs the necessary dedication and experience with strong financial, fiscal, and legal knowledge. We will review your issue from a 360° perspective, which lends an operational and strategic dimension to our working method. Finally, our international network will open the necessary doors.

    As a matter of course, we work in complete discretion and as a team alongside your other advisers. We can work together with you to make complex takeover and investment projects a reality.

    The best of both worlds

    Moore Corporate Finance offers you the dedication and flexibility of a boutique combined with the knowledge and power of an integrated financial consultant. Make no mistake: our expertise and worldwide presence are comparable with all of the biggest players. But we make a conscious choice to remain smaller and more specialised, which makes us nimble and gives us more room to do business, alongside you.

    Our 360° approach means we can view every question in the broader context of your organisation and its surrounding factors. We do so with respect for your usual advisers and in collaboration with them. You can also count on the broader service provision from Moore Belgium, where you need it. This will assure you of 100% confidentiality and focus at all times.

    What do you get from us?

    • Business knowledge, both of mergers & takeovers, and of attracting or structuring capital
    • Passionate specialists in a dynamic structure
    • 360° approach with an eye for the broader context of your company
    • 100% confidentiality free of the risk of conflicts of interest
    • Dedication, flexibility and respect are our values


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    Philippe Craninx

    Philippe Craninx

    Managing Partner Corporate Finance

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