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VCU, the safety standard for temporary employment agencies

Thursday 18/02/2021

VCU (Veiligheid en Gezondheid Checklist Uitzendkrachten – Health and Safety Checklist for Agency Personnel) is derived from its better-known counterpart VCA (Veiligheid en Gezondheid Checklist Aannemers – Health and Safety Checklist for Contractors).

As the name implies, the VCU checklist enables temporary employment agencies to verify their compliance with health and safety requirements.

This type of certification is useful for agency personnel working at VCA certified companies, i.e. working in circumstances that involve certain safety and/or health risks. The main difference with VCA is that the temporary employees are not subject to the authority and supervision of the employment agency; this responsibility lies with the client. It also means that the temporary employment agency does not have to make an inventory of the health and safety risks; this is done by the client. However, the temporary employment agency must enquire about the risks and must be told by the client how temporary employees should protect themselves against identifiable risks.

Being VCU certified, temporary employment agencies demonstrate to both temporary employees and clients that they consider health and safety important and take it seriously. Clients who are themselves VCA certified expect both their internal and external employees to be aware of important health and safety guidelines and measures.

The VCU checklist provides a guide to health and safety measures and is divided into the following topics:

  • Organisation
  • HSE (Health and Safety) policy
  • Professional training, experience, HSE training and medical suitability
  • Application, selection, instruction, monitoring and evaluation
  • Accidents resulting in unavailability for/absence from work
  • Occupational health sector.

By implementing these measures temporary employment agencies ensure that they can protect themselves against health and safety risks, guarantee the continuity of the organisation and that they are continuously focusing on organisational improvements.

Why should you as a temporary employment agency obtain VCU certification?

First and foremost, a VCU certificate tells your (future) temporary agency workers that you aim to look after them and ensure that they can work in a safe and healthy environment. A VCU certificate consequently makes you, as a temporary employment agency, a more interesting option for temporary employees.

A VCU certificate also makes you a more interesting option for (future) clients. The certificate tells a client that you are a reliable partner who is concerned about health and safety, thus preventing many potential problems. This way your organisation will generate extra business and be offered challenging projects by clients.

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