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Strategy Development

Vision is a hallmark of leadership. A coherent strategy provides a well-defined framework for decision making, motivates your employees, gives them a focus and something to hold on to. It is definitely not a top-down story, because everyone within your organisation will help determine its success.

What can you expect from us?

We will help you see the bigger picture. We focus on your ambitions, align your strategy with them and link this to a feasible business plan

Our approach is based on three stages:

  • We listen to you and collate and analyse external and internal market and competition data. This provides us with a clear picture of your environment and the way in which your organisation functions.
  • We also take time to listen to your customers.
  • Using our Quick Organisation Scan we involve your employees in the process. How do they feel about the current strategy, the functioning of your organisation, processes and systems, the corporate culture and leadership style?
  • Together with management and key personnel, we determine your ambitions, core values and objectives, as well as the competences required to realise your plans and growth opportunities.
  • Using innovative business ideas, we work together to develop a vision and strategy that will offer your business real added value.

We will provide you with the tools to put your strategy into practice with our Strategy Implementation services and if necessary, our approach focused on a Strategic Business Transformation can help create a real turning point.

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Joris VandenBerghe

Joris VandenBerghe

business transformation; sector energy

Johan Vanbrabant

Johan Vanbrabant

strategy & implementation; sector energy

Johan Carton

Johan Carton

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