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Hoorcentrum Aerts

Customer case


Hoorcentrum Aerts is a hearing specialist based in the Kempen region. Its eleven branches all work with a permanent team of audiologists.Hoorcentrum Aerts stands out because of its expertise and personal approach, which means that individual clients in each branch receive advise from, and are monitored by, a qualified audiologist.

Client requirement

Tom Aerts and his management team wanted to focus on the company’s ambitions (mission and vision, strategic objectives) and values to ensure that they were understood and implemented by all employees.


Moore implemented the following steps to support the strategic process:

Step I Start-up and interviews

Step II Market analysis and screening of existing services (AS IS analysis)

Step III Ambition, objectives

Step IV Redesigning the organisation (TO BE definition)

Step V Formulating a business plan and synthesis

Step VI Action plan and communication plan


  • Definition of values, mission & vision
  • A strategic plan with definitive strategic choices
  • A growth plan
  • A new organisation model
  • Hoorcentrum Aerts has now expanded into a group of more than 22 branches, spread across the Kempen region, Antwerp and East Flanders, with further expansion plans on the horizon.

Moore Expertise

To help you choose the right direction, our consultants are ready to provide recommendations and implement the plan together with you.

We assist you with a Quick Organisation Scan (Q.O.S.) to chart your current organisation, a clear strategy with useful control tools (KPI's etc.), organisation and process optimisation and guidance for any changes with proven models and techniques tailored to your company or organisation.

Step by step, we will involve you in any decisions and improvements to ensure that your organisation can seamlessly incorporate these changes and is ready to face future challenges.