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Supply Chain


Supply Chain Management has become a key-driver for running a successful business.

It takes expertise to orchestrate the flow of materials and services and the associated exchange of information throughout the entire supply network.  In today's globalized economy, supply chain management is rightfully considered a key-contributor to the financial success of a company.

Efficiently organizing logistics (transport, production, warehousing, purchasing and inventory management) and understanding what demand looks like today and what it might look like tomorrow. To be successful, all these processes, need to be adequately defined and orchestrated. Put differently, the aim of Supply Chain leaders is to find continuous balance between supply and demand.

Moore Supply Chain Services, supports companies in becoming best-in-class. Through our unique, long-standing partnership with APICS and SCOR (the main global Supply Chain Institutes), Moore is able to help you address the most diverse supply chain challenges.

What can you expect from us?

  • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and Integrated Business Planning: with S&OP, you will be able to plan and align supply & demand more structurally. If you ask us, S&OP still is the best way to deliver lasting, strong business results, based on an aligned use of resources, capacity and inventory throughout the value chain.
  • Supply Chain Talent & Staffing: you can count on our Supply Chain professionals for temporary, hands-on support at the heart of your operations: logistics coordination, production planning, inventory management, purchasing and customer service.
  • Supply Chain Planning Systems: integrated planning tools help your planners make the right production and supply decisions. The most complex situations are analyzed and effectively dealt with.
  • Supply Chain Process Excellence: process-driven Supply Chains are agile and they support the business better, with fewer operational losses and better customer service. Through our unique partnership with APICS and SCOR, we are a solid partner to help you get there.
  • Inventory & Working Capital Optimization: with the right analytical tools and our proven approach, we help you optimize your inventory management. You’ll see better business results with optimal inventory levels across your network.
  • Digital Supply Chain: data is king, and especially so in Supply Chains and Logistics. With our integrated approach, we help you set up a data-driven Supply Chain. Using the Internet Of Things, you will have real-time insights into what's happening in the field. Information about stocks and orders is exchanged and analyzed by Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, enabling you to respond more quickly and decisively to key-events.  
  • Supply Network Design: an optimal distribution network ensures better service to your customers at lower logistics costs. We help you with the analysis, the design and the implementation of your Supply Network. But we can also optimize the layout and flows of  your production units and warehouses.
  • Certified APICS & LEAN courses: our Knowledge Centre Moore CIMCIL offers internationally certified courses in Supply Chain Management (APICS) and Process Improvement (LEAN and Six Sigma)

Experts in various fields and sectors are at your service. Our core competencies are split between 8 fields. Discover how we can support you. A dedicated team for each sector is happy to assist you. Discover our customers.

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Joël Wijns

Joël Wijns

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