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Supply Chain process excellence

What is the power of Supply Chain Process Management?

Process-driven Supply Chains are consistently performing better and are more reliable.
In today’s challenging business environment, Supply Chain managers need to be process managers. If you drive planning, purchasing, production and logistics with clearly-defined business processes, you will be able to address the challenges of today and structurally realize the following 3 Supply Chain fundamentals.

  • Operational efficiency: fewer mistakes made, better throughput, shorter lead-times. Your teams will spend less time fixing mistakes, yielding better service to the customer.
  • More agile and more resilient: if your ways of working are clear, well-documented and accurately followed, your Supply Chain & operations will be able to adapt to changes in the market place quicker. Stay ahead of the game with solid process management.
  • Better financial results: streamlined operations, yield better customer service at a lower cost. Take control over your processes, so you can use your Supply Chain as a competitive tool.

Why ask Moore to support you with this?

Our group of dedicated Supply Chain & Operations experts will help you become process-driven. You can rely on our year-long collaboration with APICS and the Supply Chain Council (SCOR: Supply Chain Operations Reference). We are the ideal partner to map and improve your Supply Chain processes.

Here’s how we can help you:

  • Best Practices & Process benchmarking: we will thoroughly examine your current processes and identify the strong points vs. areas for improvement, assessing against international benchmarks such as APICS and SCOR.
  • Holistic design: we will streamline your processes, clearly map out where “demand” ends and “supply” begins, realizing the best possible end-to-end value.
  • Documentation and training: development of a Business Process Framework, Flow Diagrams and Work Instructions, all according to standards (i.e. BPMN, APICS, SCOR), but tailored to suit your organization. We will document your Supply Chain processes, develop training materials and train your Supply Chain staff.
  • Stakeholder management: we will ensure your process-driven organization supports the needs of your internal teams as well as your external business partners such as your key-suppliers, logistics service providers and your customers.

Want to discuss in more detail? Just let us know and we will be happy to address any question you may have.

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Joël Wijns
Joël Wijns
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