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Supply network design & logistics optimization

Improving material flows

With an optimized Supply & Distribution Network, you will be able to serve your customers better, at a lower logistics cost. We have the expertise to support your with the analysis, the design and the implementation of your Supply & Distribution Network, but also with the Lay-Out design of your production and warehousing facilities. We optimize the overall configuration of your network with proven techniques and we support you in improving the way goods flow in your key warehouses and production sites.

Why rely on Moore?

You can count on Moore for best practices in Logistics and Supply Network Design. You will benefit from the year-long experience of our people in this specific domain and from our many years of collaboration and certified partnership with APICS and SCOR (Supply Chain Operating Reference).

How will this improve your logistics?

  • Benefit from finding the optimal network configuration, through deep data analysis and the development of various network proposals, each taking into account your production facilities and warehouses, including location, sizing, and capability. But also ensuring other business drivers are carefully weighed in: e.g understanding the value proposition to your customers, modeling in the interactions with your key-suppliers and logistics service providers.
  • Improved overall logistics performance by defining the physical flows between the various links in the Supply Chain and distribution flows
  • A focus on service to customers through an improved physical stocking strategy, ensuring items are stored in the right place to attain customer delivery terms
  • More resilient Supply Chain: as we assess business risk and mitigation strategies as an integral part of the Network Configuration proposals. As such, you will be able to structurally and pro-actively protect your business from calamities such as extreme weather, natural disasters or other unforeseen events.
  • Allowing you to focus on your core business: we will support you by making outsourcing recommendations and by assigning certain specific activities to distribution partners and contract manufacturers.
  • Your logistics operations will be cost-effective, by improving physical flows and shop floor lay-out of your manufacturing and warehouse operations.
  • You will realize sustainable logistics, by assessing the impact on transportation and the movement of goods.

Want to discuss in more detail? Just let us know and we will be happy to address any question you may have.

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Joël Wijns
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