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Inventory & working capital optimization

Inventory optimization is crucial to your business

Inventory management has always been an important element of doing successful business: you need stocks to drive production, and to serve and sell to customers. However, in fast changing markets, in a more volatile world, finding a good balance between product availability, customer service, risk management and opportunity cost has almost become a form of art…

It takes inventory optimization techniques and analytics tools to be a leader in this important business domain. Where do you keep which levels of inventory? How can you find the right balance to ensure customer service levels? What does it take to deal with seasonality and product launches? Optimization techniques and analytics will make the difference. You will be able to do better business, with optimized inventory levels. 

Moore brings the expertise you need

Count on Moore for best practices in inventory management, along with proven analytics tools. You will benefit from our expertise and years of collaboration with APICS and SCOR (Supply Chain Operating Reference) and we will apply those methods and optimize you inventory management in a way that works for your company.

What will you get in return?

  • Best practices and benchmarks: We will assess your inventory policies against industry-wide best practices and benchmarks, through our partnership with APICS.
  • Analytics & Supply Chain simulation tools: We will drive the analytics and data analyses to optimize your forecasting and your supply planning parameters (i.e.  safety stock strategies, lot-sizing and replenishment parameters, …)
  • Implementation: we’ll help embed the outcomes into your working procedures, your daily operations as well as your ERP and your Supply Chain Planning Systems.
  • Change & stakeholder management: we will support you with training and communication, to make sure your Replenishment teams and Purchasing professionals embrace the change.
  • Better operating results & visibility: We will provide you with data-driven insights and reports to demonstrate the business benefits and to enable you to keep track of your optimized inventory management after we’ve gone.

Want to discuss in more detail? Just let us know and we will be happy to address any question you may have.

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Joël Wijns
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