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Digital Supply Chains

A data-driven Supply Chain

Fast-paced Technology evolutions are increasingly being adopted by leading Supply Chain organizations. New data sources and Information Technology are fundamentally changing the way we look at the value chain: Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality to name just a few trends…. A digital Supply Chain approach will let you leverage the ever-increasing amounts of data throughout your end-to-end Supply Chain.

Digital technology and cloud-based solutions will allow you to be better integrated with your customers and key-suppliers, enabling quicker access to information and better decision-making. Think about the improvement and automation potential for processes such as forecasting, demand sensing, scenario planning using artificial intelligence techniques, and-apply augmented reality in production, maintenance and technical services…

With these new digital techniques, you will be able to organize your Supply Chain cost-effectively and sustainably. Your company will benefit from a more resilient Supply Chain, ready to address any disruptive event out there. 

Why turn to Moore to build your Digital Supply Chain?

We have developed a unique implementation approach for Digital Supply Chains. It takes a multi-disciplinary mix of capabilities to be successful: core Supply Chain knowledge, the latest Information Technology skills and a robust Business Transformation approach. Here’s how we will connect you to the digital Supply Chain eco-systems of tomorrow:

We will develop a Digital Supply Chain Roadmap: exploring ideas, assessing data sources, prioritizing digital steps in time by business value and feasibility. We’ve found that it’s good to start with tangible things to create momentum and quickly demonstrate business value to your Supply Chain stakeholders.

We develop a Data Governance approach yielding Better data quality: Going digital assumes good data. With our proven approach to Data Governance, especially in the domain of Supply Chain Management, we will bring you to the next level of Data Quality and Data Governance, which is a fundamental baseline for any digital project.

We help you realize digital and Supply Chain integration with your key internal and external stakeholders. With new technology, tapping into external systems has become a lot more straightforward than it used to be. So leverage data shared across the value chain: suppliers, sub-contractors, customers, logistics service providers.

Better visibility and reporting: you will be aware of key-events in your value chain. From Demand Sensing to real-time visibility on inventory positions across the end-to-end network. With better visibility, you will be able to make the right decisions quicker. 

Orchestrated planning throughout the value chain: with faster communication and seemless data integration, information will be shared across the value chain, information will become available quicker, it will be analysed quicker and your planners will make the right decisions quicker. Put differently: you will be able to remove a lot of the uncertainties and information lead times from your Supply Chain. And as such, you’ll be able to challenge today’s buffers at a tactical level.

Business Transformation and Change Management: the potential of going digital is high, but so is the effort to keep your stakeholders aligned. It’s very important that people embrace the change. They need to see and understand the end-to-end business value and benefits for the change to be sustainable. We will help you with creating and keeping the momentum among the various stakeholders involved. With good data standards, standardized Supply Chain processes and smart use of AI and Machine Learning, you will be able to increasingly automate some of the tasks your Supply Chain professionals struggle with today. As such, you will transform people’s jobs from transactional to tactical and analytical work.

Want to discuss in more detail? Just let us know and we will be happy to address any question you may have.

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