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Supply Chain Planning Systems

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Why choose a Supply Chain Planning System?

ERP systems do not offer sufficient planning functions and so quite some. Many companies still do planning with manually maintained spreadsheets. Every day, planners struggle with data manipulations before they can begin the actual planning work, leading to time loss, planning mistakes and misunderstandings between departments. There is not 1 shared plan.

A Planning System supports planning teams aligning supply and demand. This type of niche software, typically includes a number of integrated scheduling features and optimization techniques. People are spending less time and energy collecting and updating data in spreadsheets, creating time for your planners to work on the essentials. What's more, Advanced Solvers & What If-Simulations will address the most complex planning challenges. A planning system, with its central database, will let your people work on 1 shared business plan. A huge advantage, because, this way, Demand managers, production planners and your operational buyers will have the same end-to-end view on things, ensuring that you make aligned decisions about purchasing, sales, production and logistics.

With a Supply Chain planning system, your team will benefit from strong technology where possible, with sufficient human control where necessary.

Moore can help you with this from A-Z

When selecting and implementing a planning system, it is best to rely on an experienced partner for support. This ensures that the planning system really meets your expectations and that it helps improve the overall performance of your Supply Chain. Moore has that expertise and experience to guide you through the entire process.

You can count on us for the following:

  • We define the planning business requirements together with you
  • System Selection: Fit-Gap Analysis of the different systems on the market and selection of the best option for your company
  • Support during the implementation and overall project management
  • Documentation: We develop a User Manual, detailing the business processes, but also the detailed configuration of the the system.
  • Training: We train your staff and provide an integrated change management approach.
  • We help you with Data collection and we provide the operational support you need, before and after go-live.

 Want to discuss in more detail? Just let us know and we will be happy to address any question you may have.

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Joël Wijns
Joël Wijns
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