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I am self-employed as a secondary profession, can I also claim a business relief grant?

Thursday 23/04/2020
Ik ben zelfstandige in bijberoep

If, as a self-employed person in a secondary occupation, you pay the same social security contributions as a self-employed person in a main occupation (this is the case when your net income is at least EUR 13,993.77), you can claim the full business relief grant.

If your net income is less than EUR 13,993.77, but more than EUR 6,996.89, the Council of Ministers decided on 10 April that you are also entitled to a half payment as a relief grant

Again, the conditions apply that you have had to close your independent business for at least 7 days. The business relief grant fee is EUR 645.85 per month without children's expenses and EUR 807.05 for self-employed persons with children's expenses. This partial bridging right initially applies to the months of March and April, and will therefore also be granted retroactively. Contrary to the Flemish relief grant, it does not matter for how much you work in your main occupation. 

Pensioners who are still active as self-employed and student self-employed and fall within the above income category can also apply for a 'half' benefit. 

The right is also granted if you have already enjoyed the maximum number of monthly benefits in the relief grant as a self-employed person in the past. Moreover, the periods under this temporary measure do not count towards the maximum number of future allowances under the relief grant. 

If, as a self-employed person, you are entitled to the financial benefit of the bridging right during the month of March or April 2020, and during one of these months you become ill and thus receive incapacity benefits, you will lose the right to the financial benefit of the bridging right at the earliest in the month following the month in which the entitlement to incapacity benefits commences. 

Anyone who is entitled to this bridging right as a self-employed person in a secondary occupation and who is also technically unemployed in his main occupation can combine both benefits - although the total amount he may receive in federal benefits is limited to a maximum of EUR 1,614 per month.  

This measure has already been given the green light and will soon be officially approved at the Council of Ministers on Friday 10 April. However, pre-registration with your social insurance fund is already possible.

 It is possible to pre-register with your social insurance fund.  

Should there be any changes to this measure, we will of course keep you informed. 

If you have other questions regarding the Corona crisis, please visit our special FAQ

Last update: 30/04/2020

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