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I am based in the Brussels or Walloon Region. What are the support measures there?

Wednesday 22/04/2020
Steunmaatregelen Brussel

The Brussels Government has taken a series of additional measures that complement the federal measures.

1. One-off premium of 4,000 euros per company obliged to close as a result of the decisions of the National Security Council. For more explanation, see next question.   

2. The abolition of the City Tax by the Region for the first half of 2020;  

3. No 'taxe sur l'exploitation des taxis' for taxis and cars with drivers in 2020 

4. Postponement of the entry into force of the low-emission zone for diesel cars with Euronorm 3 and temporary suspension of dispatch of the fines until the first day of the month following the end of the special Corona measures.  

5. Strong financial compensation for companies affected by the granting of government guarantees on bank loans, totalling € 20 million; 

6. The granting of a special order to Finance &, to take the following initiatives: to grant loans at low interest rates to key suppliers in the hotel and catering sector that allow them to offer their hotel and catering customers a longer payment period and to grant loans at low interest rates to hotel and catering businesses with more than 50 employees;  

7. A moratorium applied, on a case-by-case basis, to the repayment of the capital of loans granted by Finance & to affected companies in the sectors mentioned above; 

8. The accelerated or premature processing, recording and settlement of expansion aid (files currently being analysed by Brussels Economy and Employment) for businesses in the hotel and catering, tourism, cultural and events sectors; 

9. The strengthening of support for businesses in difficulty by increasing the allocation to the Centre for Enterprises in Difficulty (COm). 

10. In addition, the Brussels Government calls on all public authorities, administrations, public utility institutions and municipalities to take measures to show solidarity with the traders affected, in particular by deferring rents

11. In the Brussels-Capital Region too, the deadline for the payment of property tax will be extended by two months.   

12. Provision is also made for an additional compensation premium of EUR 2,000 for Brussels enterprises which are not obliged to close down but whose activities have fallen sharply as a result of the corona measures. 

These decisions by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region include support totalling €110 million for businesses in difficulty, particularly in the sectors most affected, such as catering, events, tourism, the retail trade and organisers of leisure activities.

The Walloon Government has taken a series of additional measures to complement the federal measures. 

1. The Walloon Government provides for a flat-rate compensation of EUR 5,000 for enterprises that are obliged to close down.  

2. The Walloon Government also provides for all payment deadlines for the Walloon regional taxes to be extended by the period of the Corona crisis. 

3. The deadlines for lodging appeals and tax petitions and for negative administrative decisions will be frozen. 

4. Positive tax decisions will be implemented. 

5. Recovery procedures in progress/to be initiated shall be flushed. 

6. Write-off plans are facilitated. 

7. There is a moderation of the administrative fines related to the mileage tax. 

8. Companies that have obtained loans from a Walloon financial institution (SRIW, GROUPE SOGEPA, SOWALFIN, invests) are subject to a freeze until the end of April. 

9. The SPW Economie will relax the time limits for companies that have made a commitment to the Walloon Region (employment objective, time limit for repayment of aid, etc.). 

10. An envelope of 75 million euro is planned to support the health sector and the primary actors who are experiencing an increase in their work. The hospitals, nursing homes, social services and care for the disabled will receive financial support for a period of three months. 

11. The "Entreprise and rebond" scheme: provides legal, financial and economic expertise and advice to enterprises and the self-employed in difficulty. 

12. The deadline for submitting application forms for the granting of a certificate of increased tax deduction for investments aimed at promoting research and development of new products and advanced technologies which have no impact on the environment or which aim to minimise negative effects on the environment is postponed from 31 March 2020 to 20 April 2020. 

13. The registration duty in the event of conversion of a mortgage mandate into a mortgage established by deed before the entry into force of Walloon Government Decree No 10 of 26 March 2020 on the temporary suspension of certain tax provisions is reduced to 0%. 

14. The 2-year period for the reimbursement of 3/5 of the registration duties paid on the purchase of the real estate in the event of resale of the real estate within 2 years is suspended from 18 March 2020. 

15. The tax on automatic leisure equipment shall be reduced by 1/12th per month or for the part of a month from the mandatory closure. 

16. For Walloon companies experiencing difficulties in paying their water bill on time, payment can be staggered on simple request to the Walloon Water Company (SWDE). 

If you have other questions regarding the Corona crisis, please visit our special FAQ

Last update: 30/04/2020

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