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Hansen Transmissions: lean manufacturing as the basis for well-oiled production processes

Thursday 15/09/2016
 Rotating gears

Listed company Hansen Transmissions is a world player in the manufacture of gearboxes for wind turbines and industrial applications. Through its technological leadership, Hansen now employs more than 1800 people worldwide. As part of its mission to manage and reduce delivery times, the company teamed up with Moore Strategy & Operations.

Moore’ expertise:

  • Lean manufacturing
  • Production and planning logic
  • Sales & operations planning
  • Change management

​​​​​​​Customer request

Hansen Transmissions has always operated an "Engineered-to-order" (ETO) environment for its customers. It’s a way of working where fast delivery times are secondary to delivering the best technological solution. But as a global player, the company increasingly felt the need to provide an agile response to the market for certain product groups. Moving to a "Configure-to-order" (CTO) model was inevitable. Moore Strategy & Operations was brought in to help.


It’s important when setting up a CTO model to work out which parts can be made or purchased within the response time. These parts are still supplied "to order". In addition, linking up a number of lean manufacturing projects reduces internal lead times.

The group of "critical" parts that can't be made or purchased within the response time is disconnected from the project and produced according to forecasts. This is gradually built on through the monthly Sales & Operations Review cycles.


  • Professionalisation of the planning department
  • Interim guidance of the central planning team
  • Lead times reduced by 20%
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