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Do I have to change my CBE registration if I organise my business activity differently?

Thursday 07/05/2020
Inschrijving aanpassen als ik mijn handelsactiviteit anders organiseer

A temporary relaxation of the rules relating to the obligation to register economic activities in the CBE will be introduced.

Companies that organise their activities in a different way because of the closure obligation do not have to register them in the CDE by an enterprise counter. This proposal is currently before the Council of State. 
There are many examples: the restaurant owner who temporarily prepares takeaway meals or delivers meals at home, the retailer who temporarily starts a web shop, etc. The proposal will be submitted to the Council of State. The purpose of this support measure is to avoid additional administrative formalities and expenses for companies affected by the closure obligation resulting from the coronavirus COVID-19. 
Please note that this scheme only applies to those activities which were already registered in the CAB for the company concerned on 18 March 2020 and which are organised in a different way. New activities still have to be included in the CBE via a recognised enterprise counter. 
As a result, a company that is now going to make and/or sell mouth masks as a new activity must include this activity in its list of activities. 

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Last update: 07/05/2020

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