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Can I, as an employer, measure the body temperature of my employees when entering the company?

Wednesday 15/04/2020
Mag ik als werkgever de lichaamstemperatuur van mijn medewerkers meten

The employer is responsible for the safety and health of his employees in the performance of their work. In this context, he must implement a welfare policy and has an obligation to prevent and limit as many risks as possible when they do occur.

The infection of an employee with the Coronavirus is a situation which may affect the health of other employees and for which the employer may, within the legal limits, take certain measures

Such a measure could be to have the workers' body temperature measured before they enter the company. Indeed, having an elevated body temperature may give rise to a suspicion that a worker is infected with the Corona virus. 

The application of a temperature survey to workers can only be carried out if the following conditions are met: 

  • The Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work is informed of this measure and, if possible, gives an opinion on it. 
  • The workers are given clear information on the concrete, practical implementation of this measure. 
  • The temperature recording is not accompanied by any additional recording or processing of personal data. 
  • This measure is only applied during the period of stricter measures in the context of the Corona crisis. 
  • The introduction of a temperature recording does not affect the obligation for employers to take the necessary measures to ensure compliance with the rules at a distance. 

In order to protect other workers, the employer may decide that an employee who is found to have a body temperature of more than 37.5 degrees may not enter the company. This employee must then contact his general practitioner by telephone in order to have his health situation monitored.

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Last update: 30/04/2020

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