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Major update to the SCOR Supply Chain Process Framework

Wednesday 21/12/2022
Vernieuwd SCOR supply chain framework

The research institute ASCM (Association for Supply Chain Management) has announced a far-reaching update of its successful SCOR Supply Chain Process Framework. The new SCOR Digital Standard (DS) takes into account important recent developments in supply chain management. Moore, your Supply Chain Partner will be hosting a number of free SCOR-DS Discovery workshops.

As a long-standing partner of ASCM, Moore-CIMCIL would like to keep you up to date with the key changes.

Are you already familiar with the SCOR model?

The SCOR model — or the Supply Chain Operations Reference Model — has become a well-known process model. Numerous companies are already using it as a framework for their supply chain transformations and when rolling out process-driven supply chains. It is particularly popular with companies that have complex logistics networks.

The model takes a top-down approach to describing hierarchical supply chain processes, from the highest level to more detailed levels. Associated with each level is a set of standard metrics and KPIs (key performance indicators). Modeling of the processes is done using a building-block approach. This makes the model suitable for describing both very simple and very complex supply chains, thanks to a set of common definitions.

The original model dates back to 1996, when it had four main process components: plan, source, make and deliver. These components contained all supply chain planning processes (in all their parts), purchasing processes, production, and distribution (including warehouse management, transportation, and customer service).

The return and enable components were added later, with the enable component encompassing supply chain management processes.

Evolution in line with changing supply chains

At ASCM’s annual conference, held in Chicago at the end of September, ASCM announced that SCOR would undergo a major overhaul. This is an essential update fully embraces the digital age that supply chains have entered. Also, the updated model will mean companies can respond better to the evolution from linear supply chains to global supply chain networks.

What’s new?

Following on from return and enable, the SCOR Digital Standard (DS) represents the next major update to the framework.

The update modernizes the framework by:

  • integrating some key requirements of today’s supply chains, notably resilience and sustainability
  • including process changes that support retail, omnichannel, and strategic sourcing
  • improving the overall orchestration of supply chain strategy
  • shifting end-to-end supply chain thinking, with linear chain thinking giving way to a more dynamic, asynchronous network perspective
  • integrating new technologies to improve transparency and supply chain integration and collaboration

Free SCOR-DS Discovery workshops & webinars coming

Moore, through its long-standing partnership with ASCM, will organize a series of workshops and webinars in which we will be doing a walk-through the new SCOR-DS model. This way you will be able to discover how the new SCOR-DS supply chain framework can help your organization keep its edge.

On 16 March 2023, we will be present at Supply Chain Innovations 2023 and the following day, 17 March 2023, we will give a workshop on the new SCOR model.

Would you like to know how you can make your supply chain more process-driven and future-proof with the SCOR DS? Contact us.

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