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#Moore #The Company's Companion.

Moore Stephens is rebranding as Moore

Thursday 05/09/2019

From 9 September, we will rebrand under the name "Moore".


3 reasons why Moore Stephens is now Moore:


We are focusing Moore on our growth plans

After a decade of exponential revenue growth from €8 million to €50 million, we have been working hard in recent years to consolidate and strengthen our structures. Moore Belgium now has more than 400 employees, 10 Belgian branches and an international satellite office in Shanghai. That means we are now ready to expand our position as the trusted partner of medium-sized and large Belgian companies with family roots.

We remain first and foremost a loyal partner in business for our customers. And we have resolutely chosen to forge long-term relationships, nurtured by our passion for business. That is the basis of our success and a powerful driver for further expansion. We are totally focused on a new decade of double digit growth!

We are ready for Moore challenges

In addition to major international players, an increasing number of local companies these days are struggling with the challenges of ever more complex regulations, heavy administrative burdens, comprehensive digitisation and the importance of big data management.

However, none of this is possible without specialist guidance. With our experience, knowledge of these types of companies and our expertise, we can perfectly meet this increased demand. That's why we have consciously opted for a strategy and offering which are tailored to local medium-sized and large companies, because helping bring about an entrepreneur's dream is the essence of our DNA.

We are there for our clients, Moore than ever
  • Moore, because our experienced partners and employees are always with our clients every step of the way.
  • Moore, because our clients deserve nothing less than our full attention and care.
  • Moore, because we support our clients with even more passion for entrepreneurship.
  • Moore, because as a company we offer such a wide range of services that we can support our clients and their companies in a range of areas. We can even assist internationally, thanks to our global network.


We are proud to be and will remain the partner in business that thinks on the same wavelength with our clients, and helps them realise their dreams. That's because Moore is there for the large-scale work and the small things that make the difference for you. All this with "Moore" enthusiasm than ever!

Moore. The company’s companion.