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Moore Belgium also moves up the ladder in Limburg, with Meekers Accountants coming aboard

Tuesday 19/10/2021
Fusie Meekers

In mid-2020 Moore Belgium joined forces with Waterland, giving the company a leading role in consolidating the Belgian accountancy, tax, audit and consulting mid-market. Now, in the wake of a number of other mergers with well-performing firms and broadening its presence in West Flanders, thanks to offices in Knokke and Kortrijk, Moore Belgium announced its presence in Limburg through a merger with Meekers Accountants.

PRESS RELEASE – 15 October 2021

For many years Moore Belgium has been a reliable partner in the small and medium-sized enterprises and mid-market segment, thanks to the wide range of services it offers in the fields of accountancy, auditing, corporate finance, business analytics, business consulting, interim management and tax & legal services. In the autumn of 2020 the independent accounting and consulting firm, which is anticipating a turnover of 85 million euros this year and employs some 750 people, entered into a solid partnership with Waterland. The move gave it fresh opportunities for accelerated growth, mergers and acquisitions, with the ultimate aim being to hold a leading position in the Belgian accounting and consulting market.

Until mid-2020, Moore Belgium principally featured in the Antwerp-Ghent-Brussels triangle, together with offices in the Flemish Ardennes, Herent and Hasselt. The wave of acquisitions under the Waterland banner saw a further regional outreach in Limburg (with offices in Pelt and Hasselt as a result of the PKF-VMB merger) and West Flanders (with the Flamand merger giving the company an office in Knokke). And now Moore Belgium is set to further bolster its position in Limburg, thanks to its partnership with Meekers Accountants, with the addition of three new offices in Bree, Wellen and Sint-Truiden.

Meekers Accountants, which was established in 1992, is an accounting firm with an excellent reputation in Limburg, thanks to its highly experienced and reliable team of 45 staff. It is aiming to generate a turnover of 6.6 million euros this year. The company shares Moore's philosophy that the accountant of today must also act as a sounding board and consultant, helping businesses to grow and introducing them to the world of digital bookkeeping. The wide range of expertise and specialist knowledge, the entrepreneurial spirit, customer orientation and firm confidence in growth and progress were all reasons why the two companies decided to join forces. For Meekers Accountants the customer comes first, and it sees itself as being 90 percent advisor and 10 percent accountant, making it the perfect companion for both start-ups and established companies alike.

The fact that Meekers Accountants will now become a part of Moore Belgium means that both companies are moving forward in respect of the goal of further sustainable growth. That growth is not limited to mergers and acquisitions alone, but also encompasses the growth of their clients, their staff and society at large, permanently underscored by a positive and future-focussed attitude. The strategic alliance born out of this cultural match means that together these companies can make all the difference in the Limburg accounting world.

'Meekers Accountants is yet another great partner for Moore Belgium,' said Peter Verschelden, Chairman of Moore Belgium. 'The fact that the firm has many years of experience, has three offices in Limburg and is home to a stable and expert team, where junior and senior staff learn from each other every day, makes it a perfect partner to bring aboard at Moore Belgium. David Meekers and I have known each other a long time. It makes me proud that through this partnership we can further expand our accountancy activities in a future-oriented manner, specifically in the province of Limburg, thanks to offices in Bree, Wellen and Sint-Truiden. The wide range of services offered by Moore, including in the fields of tax & legal services, auditing and consulting, means that we can provide further support to clients and staff alike as they grow.'

'As part of our continuous efforts to provide the best possible support to our clients, the partnership with Moore is an amazing opportunity,' added David Meekers, CEO at Meekers Accountants. 'By integrating Moore's range of services in our daily operations, the services we can offer will expand dramatically, while our staff will also have new opportunities to grow. Here at Meekers we are greatly looking forward to being a part of the Moore Company of Companions.'

About Moore Belgium

Moore Belgium is the largest independent accounting and consulting firm in Belgium, with key centres in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Hasselt, offices in Shanghai and a range of local offices across Flanders. The company is anticipating a turnover of €85 million in 2021 and it has some 750 employees.

As a company's companion, Moore Belgium supports the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises by providing accounting, auditing, business analytics, business consulting, corporate finance, interim management and tax & legal services. As a member of Moore Global – one of the largest accounting and consulting networks in the world – Moore Belgium also provides support to its clients in over a hundred countries

Further information on Moore Belgium is available at

About Meekers Accountants

Meekers Accountants was founded in 1992 by David Meekers. Based in three offices in Sint-Truiden, Bree and Wellen, the firm provides digital and traditional accounting services to start-ups and advanced companies alike. Apart from the accounting tasks, the firm also acts as an advisor for its many clients and is hard at work in the field of digitisation. The experienced team of 45 employees is aiming to generate a turnover of 6.6 million euros in 2021. As a born-entrepreneur, David Meekers is not only CEO of Meekers Accountants, he also chairs the board of the STVV football club.

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