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Corona support measures for the event sector: a summary

Friday 25/09/2020
Coronamaatregelen event sector

The event sector is one of the sectors that is hit hardest by COVID-19.


The government is therefore providing various general and specific support measures (such as, for example, the bridging right) and/or the relaxation of existing measures (such as, for example, the Corona crisis guarantee, payment deferral and the company credit guarantee scheme).

The following is a summary of the various specific measures:

  • Corona loan: a subordinated loan over 3 years, from € 25,000 up to and including € 2.8 million (PMV).
  • Commercial rent loan: in the case of mandatory closure, VLAIO provides a loan for the payment of up to 2 months rental.
  • Culture recovery credit: an interest-free loan from € 5,000 to € 100,000 with a maximum term of 6 years (leverage). This form of credit is intended for artists and organisations that work within the sectors included in the arts decree.
  • Refundable advance for the organisation of events: organisers can apply for a refundable advance for the organisation of new events (at least € 25,000 and up to € 800,000 and limited to maximum 60% of the total cost of the event).
  • Temporary admission to the right to full unemployment benefits: if sufficient artistic activities or technical activities in the artistic sector have been carried out, you may be entitled to full unemployment benefits under certain conditions.
  • Transition support for MICE organisations (West Flanders): a subsidy of up to € 3,000 in the Province of West Flanders for taking short-term measures that relate to the safety, hygiene and social distancing of employees / visitors / customers.
  • LIVE2020: a number of players from the Belgian live music sector are supporting colleagues who have been severely hit by the crisis. As a first priority, the focus is on those who cannot enjoy any support, as well as those who can rely on support, but are nevertheless not able to make ends meet.

More information can be found on the website of VLAIO.

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