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Planning Certificate

implement planning systems

What is the Planning Certificate?

Achieving synchronization is essential for achieving speedy and precise production and delivery. By involving all aspects of the business, professionals can harmonize planning processes and significantly minimize disruptions in their supply chain operations. The Supply Chain Planning Certificate program introduces these vital planning fundamentals and provides clear guidance on integrating all planning functions across an organization.

The Planning Certificate program

  • Online program: accessible anytime, on any device
  • Access to: flashcards, video clips, practice questions
  • A comprehensive final exam within the platform
  • Upon completion, individuals receive a downloadable & printable certificate and digital badge
  • Provides 20 APICS Certification maintenance points
Outcome of this program 

The program helps your team develop a common language and knowledge base while exploring how to:

  • Trace the flow of planning from business plan to execution
  • Interpret and manage the master production schedule
  • Interpret and manage the material requirements plan
  • Help advance supply and operations planning meetings
  • Identify technologies to support synchronous planning
  • Create a channel tree design for a distribution system
  • Contribute to production activity control activities
  • What Is Synchronized Planning?
  • Strategic Planning–Business Planning
  • Strategic Planning–Demand Planning and S&OP
  • Tactical Planning–Master Scheduling/MRP
  • Operations Execution–Purchasing and Production Activity Control, APS
  • Distribution and Logistics Planning

Is your company interested in a dedicated training, please contact us for more information and pricing.