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Walloon relief grant of 5,000 EUR - how and when can I apply for it?

Thursday 30/04/2020
Waalse hinderpremie

The Walloon government has decided to release a relief grant of EUR 5,000 for a company that is completely closed down as a result of the measures taken by the National Security Council and is active in one of the following sectors: 

  • restaurants (NACE code 56) 
  • hotels (NACE code 55) 
  • travel agencies (NACE code 79) 
  • retail trade (NACE code 47 - not : 47.20, 47.62, 47.73) 
  • personal services (NACE code 96) 
  • other passenger transport (NACE code 49390) 
  • tourist attractions (Article 110 of the Walloon Codex of Tourism) 
  • pedlars (NACE code 93211) 
  • carwash (NACE code 45206) 
  • driving schools (NACE code 85531) 
  • events sector (partly) (code NACE 8230, 74.109, 90.023, 77392, 77293) 
  • activities of photographers, excluding press photographers (code NACE 74.201) 
  • other photography related activities (code NACE 74.209) 
  • operation of taxis (code NACE 49.320) 
  • repair of shoes and leather goods (code NACE 95.230). 

In order to qualify for the relief grant, it must be a company: 

  • with less than 50 employees 
  • with an annual balance sheet total of less than EUR 10 million 
  • with an activity before 12 March 2020 
  • who paid social security contributions in 2018. For start-ups and enterprises established after 2018, proof must be provided that the social security contributions of the fourth quarter of 2019 were paid.  
  • who carries out an activity in Wallonia. 

The relief grant can be requested online.

Payments will be made from April 2020.

If you have other questions regarding the Corona crisis, please visit our special FAQ

Last update: 30/04/2020

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