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APICS CPIM program gets major update

Thursday 14/01/2021
Cimcil update

The Supply Chain never stands still. That’s why APICS is constantly adapting its training programs in light of new advances and developments in the field. And it’s why our CPIM training will soon receive a major update, so you can make sure you’re equipped with the most up-to-date industry knowledge and skills.

As your one-stop training partner, the CIMCIL Knowledge Institute (part of Moore Belgium) can help your company improve its operational excellence and Supply Chain management skills. Our programs focus on providing the ideal preparation for exams that lead to internationally recognized certifications such as APICS and IIBLC®.

APICS has developed the CPIM (Certified in production and inventory management) training course with the aim of creating a set of industry standards in operational and industrial flow management.

Just as businesses constantly adapt to change, we constantly update the CPIM training program in response to new methods and evolving best practices. The APICS CPIM program will receive a major update in March 2021 in recognition of the evolution of the skills and knowledge Supply Chain professionals need to perform their jobs to the highest standard (job/ task analysis).

Anyone who has studied the previous version of the course is still eligible to take the exam until 2 April 2022. CIMCIL will publish the changes to the CPIM program on its social media pages in the coming weeks.

If you’re interested in taking a Supply Chain and/or lean management training course, take a look at the APICS 2021 calendar.