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Webinar | Supply Chain Disruptions & Resilience

Thursday 16 February

Global value chains have been under extreme pressure in recent years. Just think of the impact of the 'Covid-19 stop & go', the Suez Canal incident, and Brexit. On top of this come high energy prices, rising transportation costs, impending carbon taxes, and geopolitical threats.

Moore Business Consulting questioned over 100 Supply Chain & Operations Executives on how disruptions are impacting their Supply Chain. The results confirm what everyone already knew: the impact of the many disruptive events and the changing dynamics of the global economy on Supply Chain & Operations is enormous.

In this webinar, Bob Swaegers and Wouter Biesmans, Supply Chain Experts at Moore Business Consulting, will walk you through the most important findings of our cross-industry assessment, as well as some key takeaways. Subsequently, a brief introduction of the resilience assessment is given. Followed up by our proven approach to mitigate Supply Chain Disruptions. Joël Wijns, Supply Chain Lead at Moore Business Consulting, will facilitate the Q&A and address some of the practical questions Supply Chain Professionals may have, when undertaking these projects. 

Participation in this webinar counts as credits for maintaining your APICS certification.

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