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Diensten voor business consulting

Luc De Muynck
Operational planning, production, purchasing policy, transport, inventory management... Setting up and streamlining a supply chain is an art in itself. We support our customers with passion and with an eye for the specifics of each company.Luc De Muynck

Choose a strong partner

The Moore Supply Chain team specialises in everything to do with your supply chain, as well as your planning and purchasing. We have hands-on experience in multiple sectors, allowing us to advise you on your next steps at all times.

More than that, we will gladly roll up our sleeves ourselves! Whatever you need, from analyses and advice to implementations and training courses, you can count on us.

What can we help you with?

  • Sales & Operations Planning and Integrated Business Planning: choose a well-reasoned approach to aligning your supply & demand with one another and help your planning teams communicate better with each other.
  • Supply Chain planning systems: with integrated planning tools and optimisation techniques, your team can do their job much better! More than that, the most complex situations are quickly analysed, with ready solutions on offer.
  • Supply Chain Process Excellence: with clear and well-defined working methods, your team will make fewer mistakes and lose less time. Not only does this lead to less internal frustration, its main point is to produce better financial results!
  • Inventory & Working Capital Optimisation: with powerful technology for optimising your stock management, you will never invest more than you need to.
  • Supply Chain Talent: to support you even better, you can count on extra in-house consultants for a specific period or a clearly-defined project. Our consultants have the necessary experience and expertise to support you in a hands-on manner.
  • Supply Chain Analytics: start using data in your supply chain! We will help you choose which technology is the best fit for your company, so that your managers can make better choices thanks to new insights.
  • Certified APICS & LEAN training course: our CIMCIL knowledge centre offers internationally-certified training courses in supply chain and LEAN management, specifically for companies that want to approach their processes more efficiently.