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An accountant as your partner

Our accountants are specialists in reviewing your accounts, whether monthly or annually, when the annual accounts are being prepared. We make sure that all your figures are correct and that you are in compliance legally. But that is, after all, what you can expect from any accountant.

At Moore, we go a step further. Based on your figures and what you as an entrepreneur want to achieve with your company, we provide precisely that extra advice you need to make that future a reality. We think along like a real partner, so that you always get the best guidance that suits you and your business.

You can count on us for:

  • Drawing up your annual accounts and taking care of your tax return
  • Preparing, reviewing and discussing your monthly or quarterly figures
  • Preparing your VAT return
  • Additional advice and guidance tailored to your business

Contact one of our experts:

Bart Verschelden

Bart Verschelden

Regiopartner Accountancy

Ingeborg Van Gaever

Ingeborg Van Gaever

Partner Accountancy

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