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Innovation Incentives

What are incentives?

Tax Credits are a type of incentive that can offset past, current, or future taxes a business may incur. These credits can be either refundable or non-refundable, meaning that businesses can receive them even if they haven't paid any taxes (refundable) or only if they owe taxes (non-refundable).

State and local incentives are designed to promote business activity and growth within a particular state or region. These incentives vary by state and can include tax incentives for hiring specific groups of individuals (such as unskilled workers, young people, shift workers, R&D personnel, etc.), as well as incentives to encourage investments in sustainability (such as energy-efficient or environmentally friendly processes).

R&D Tax Credits are available to businesses that create or improve products, processes, software, or business models through research and development. Businesses can recoup a portion of their eligible R&D expenses for a given year through these credits, which can be either refundable or non-refundable depending on the jurisdiction. R&D Tax Credits can also be combined with other forms of non-dilutive capital.

Discover the incentives programmes

In Belgium, there are various fiscal incentives for Research & Development & Innovation, and in Flanders, there is an interesting fiscal incentive to encourage energy-saving investments.

Our added value

Identify and define tax incentive opportunity



At Moore Grants & Incentives, we conduct thorough and regular assessments of your R&D and sustainability investments, as well as employee activities, to determine eligible projects, costs, and activities. Our goal is to help you maximize your potential tax benefits while also promoting innovative and sustainable practices. Here is a breakdown of our process:

  • Summarise relevant tax schemes: We provide an easy-to-understand overview of the tax scheme you're interested in.
  • Identify of high-level areas: We identify the core and supporting areas of your business activities that may be eligible for tax benefits. This helps to ensure that you don't miss out on potential tax savings.
  • Identify key project and personnel: Our team works closely with you to identify key projects and personnel to gather the necessary technical information to support tax claims.
  • Clarify next steps: We provide you with clear guidance on the next steps, including a proposed tax claims timeline for the claim period.
Assess technical and financial feasibility



We conduct a thorough financial analysis of eligible projects in relation to the identified activities to help you maximize your tax benefits. Our process includes:

  • Technical interviews: We conduct detailed technical interviews with your technical leads to gather in-depth information about the activities, projects, and R&D/sustainability themes identified.
  • Financial analysis: Our team performs a detailed financial analysis of eligible projects to support your tax claims. We prepare supporting costing schedules to ensure that all eligible costs are accounted for and that you receive the maximum possible tax benefit.
Prepare and write application



We assist you in drafting the substantive motivation and administrative part of the tax filing to be submitted and registered. Our process includes:

  • Collect technical information: We collect technical information about your eligible activities through technical interviews with your team and by reviewing existing documentation.
  • Produce technical narrative: We produce detailed technical narratives that accurately represent the type of eligible activities performed by your business.
  • Consolidate technical and financial findings: We consolidate the technical and financial findings and submit them for validation and approval by your technical and financial leads.
  • Quality control: We follow our internal quality control process to ensure the final claim and supporting substantive technical application are accurate and complete.
  • Guide tax claim application: We guide you and your team through the prepared tax claim application to ensure timely submission of the claims.



At Moore Grants & Incentives we don’t just maximise your tax benefits through your current claims. We provide ongoing support to help you establish processes to better track and monitor eligible activities for future claims. In the event of any questions raised during the process or after by the tax authority, our team is here to assist you in preparing responses to "Request for Information" and guide you through audits.

At Moore Grants & Incentives, we're committed to helping you achieve your sustainability and innovation goals while maximizing your tax benefits. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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