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Finance as
a Service

Wim Seynaeve
Finance as a Service offers an innovative solution to introduce financial expertise into your organisation at times when you need it. Always with a focus on looking forward. A must have for any ambitious enterprise.Wim Seynaeve

Financial expertise and bespoke advice

Has your organisation not yet appointed a CFO or would you like to provide specific support to your finance team? Is your scale-up or high growth company looking for specific financial expertise? Would you like to gain new insights from outside the company to translate your data into actual strategic insights for your business? If so, Moore's Finance as a Service offering provides you a bespoke solution.

A flexible formula for all financial disciplines

Your scaling company’s profitability hinges on correct bookkeeping, the right insights into your current numbers and sound financial forecasting. For many scale-ups and high growth companies, but even mature companies, having all this expertise in-house is not a feasible option.

In such cases Finance as a Service will be your business partner when you need such expertise. Our teams work with you to identify your specific financial requirements to ascertain we understand the challenges your business faces. Using this as a basis, we introduce the right experts to help shape your financial future:

  • If the organisation has not yet appointed a CFO, you can still access this expertise in a variable formula, thus avoiding excessive fixed costs or complex structures. We support your management on an ad hoc basis, project based or continuously on a part-time basis.
  • Are you using the services of an external accountant, but would you like to convertfinancial information into strategic insights for your board of directors or potential investors? We will combine the figures with non-financial information and ensure that you have appropriate dashboards and KPIs.
  • Would you like to temporarily strengthen your financial team followingan investment round, acquisition or the start of export activities? Through Finance as a Service you insource our experts to assist you in these cases.

Our flexible bespoke service will increase your striking power and help you face specific financial challenges. By combining our experts' expertise with high-performance digital tools we significantly enhance your company’s efficiency.

Subscription or on demand

Moore Finance as a Service is your financial partner at times when you and your team need it. Find out about our subscription based formula for operational services tailored to the needs of your growing business. Flexibly adapt the expertise you want to introduce into your organisation suiting your requirements. Or deploy our experts for a specific assignment, enabling you to concentrate on your core business.

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Wim Seynaeve

Wim Seynaeve

Managing Partner Finance as a Service

Will you also become a true companion?

Is the world of Finance as a Service for you? Are you looking for a company where you can make a real impact on the organisation?

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