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Finance as
a Service

Raf Uyttenbroeck
As the company's companion, we will support your company temporarily or permanently with financial expertise during your organisation’s restructuring projects. Always with a focus on looking ahead.Raf Uyttenbroeck Managing Partner Finance as a Service

Financial expertise and advice tailored to your business

Is your scale-up or growth company looking for specific financial expertise? Looking for an inspirational take from outside the organisation to translate your numbers into actual strategic insights for your business? Do you need an internal finance department with day-to-day support or are you interested in Outsourcing? Does your organisation still require a Controller or CFO or would you like to arrange a well-timed reinforcement of your finance team? If so, Moore’s Finance as a Service can offer a solution tailored to your business.

A flexible formula for all financial disciplines

The profitability of your growing company relies heavily on correct accounting, the right insights into your current figures and successful financial forecasting. For many scale-ups and growth companies, even more mature companies, it is not feasible to maintain this kind of expertise in-house.

In such cases Finance as a Service will be your business partner when you need access to these areas of expertise. Our teams will work with you to identify your specific financial needs in order to enable us to understand the challenges facing your business. Using this as a basis, we will bring appropriate experts on board to help shape your financial future:

  • If the organisation does not yet include a CFO, Finance Manager or Controller, you can still introduce this expertise using a variable formula, thus avoiding considerable fixed costs or a complex structure. We will assist your management on an ad hoc, project or ongoing basis with part-time services.
  • Do you use an external auditor, but would you like to convert financial information into strategic insights for your board of directors or potential investors? We combine figures with non-financial data and make sure that you have access to the right reports and dashboards.
  • Is your financial accounting system outdated or do you wish to automate certain processes? We work with standard systems that we are happy to make available to our clients but we also like to work with, and improve, our clients' existing systems and processes. 
  • Would you like to temporarily reinforce your financial team as a result of an investment round, expansion, acquisition, start-up of export activities, or is there simply an additional need for support? Using Finance as a Service, you engage our accountants and other experts to guide you through these challenges.
  • Outsourcing: would you be interested in permanently outsourcing the activities of your financial team to our experts? Our experts would be happy to act as your finance department. This would give you access to flexible expertise in the various domains, processes would be adapted to the requirements of, and changes in, your organisation and you would be provided with tailor made reports.

Our flexible, customized services will boost your company’s strengths and help you meet your specific financial challenges. By combining the experience of our experts with high-performance digital tools, we can significantly increase your efficiency.

By subscription or on demand

Moore’s Finance as a Service will act as your financial partner when you and your team need it most. Take a look at our subscription formula for operational services tailored to your growth business. Promote flexibility in terms of the expertise you would like to introduce into the organisation. Or use our experts for a specific assignment allowing you to focus on your core business.

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Raf Uyttenbroeck

Raf Uyttenbroeck

Managing Partner Finance as a Service

Stijn Van Walle

Stijn Van Walle

Managing Partner Finance as a Service

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