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Diensten voor business consulting

Johan Van Mieghem
Our experts always offer a pragmatic approach and dependable support. That means we strive to form long-term partnerships based on specialised knowledge and mutual trust.Johan Van Mieghem

Find your ideal sparring partner

The Audit team at Moore are all experienced independent and accredited auditors. This means that we go to great lengths to ensure an accurate and reliable audit report of your company, a report that provides all stakeholders with clear insights into your financial position and your future potential.

But in addition to our expertise, at Moore we choose to go a step further for your business: we always strive for long-term relationships, so that we can draw on all our knowledge and experience from other sectors to act as your ideal sparring partner. This means that we think along proactively with your company and what you are aiming to achieve, so that we can advise you as effectively as possible in your decisions.

Innovative and international

Our team of specialists is on hand to process and interpret vast quantities of new data with a smart approach. For this, we rely on our audit approach, which gives priority to crucial challenges and opportunities, taking into account the digitisation of the business world. We are perfectly familiar with the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and we can perform an accurate audit of your organisation, with a view to the future.

As an additional benefit of our Audit team, you can count on our experienced auditors to incorporate various areas of expertise into a pragmatic audit approach for your business. If necessary, our auditors are assisted by experts from other business units at Moore. And if that is still not enough, we can call on our extensive, international Moore network. Even in cross-border contexts, we can guide you safely and reliably on your path.

Why count on us?

  • A team of highly experienced and reliable auditors
  • Expertise across different sectors and different fields
  • An audit approach that is ready for the future
  • Moore's international network at your service
  • Your ideal long-term sparring partner

What our customers say

Moore Belgium: a serious approach with a dose of humour. But they have always helped us help our customers even better.

Johan De Muynck • Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen

Moore Belgium takes a proactive and interactive approach to business - real Service with a capital S, with an emphasis on thinking ahead and on the same wavelength, to avoid as much as possible having to resolve problems later on.

Koen De Smet • Oneliner

For our projects - with the risks and major responsibilities - professional advice is not enough; with the experts at Moore Belgium, you have a feeling of genuine partnership.

Chris Poulissen • Poulissen & Partners Architectenbureau