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Johan Van Mieghem
Our experts always offer a pragmatic approach and dependable support. That means we strive to form long-term partnerships based on specialised knowledge and mutual trust.Johan Van Mieghem Managing Partner Audit

Find your ideal sparring partner

The Moore Audit team is recognised as a prominent independent auditor and certified corporate auditor. This means that we are fully competent to provide an accurate and reliable audit report of your company that provides all stakeholders with clear insights into your financial position and future opportunities.

In addition to providing our expertise, we at Moore choose to go the extra mile on behalf of your business: we invariably strive to establish a long term relationship. Our aim is to do more than just present figures and tables. Our ultimate goal is to guide our clients to enable them to gain a better understanding of the opportunities available to them in order to maintain healthy and sustainable growth on the basis of these accurate figures. Not being afraid to question everything, we look at your business with a critical eye. Together with our expertise, this analytic approach will provide you with the necessary support when making decisions.

Innovative and international

Our experts are ready to process and interpret significant amounts of new data using intelligent methods. We achieve this through our audit approach, which identifies key challenges and opportunities in view of the ongoing digitalization of the business world. The International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) are no mystery to us, allowing us to accurately perform the audit of your organization with a focus on the future.

You can rely on our experienced auditors to combine different areas of expertise into a pragmatic audit approach specifically tailored to your company’s requirements. Where necessary they are supported by experts from other Moore business units. Moreover, if that was not enough, we have access to our extensive, international Moore network. We can guide you safely and flawlessly on your journey, even across national borders.

Mo(o)re than figures and tables

Why choose Moore Audit?

  • A team of experienced and reliable auditors.
  • Expertise in several sectors and across different disciplines.
  • Our audit approach is ready for future challenges.
  • Moore’s international network is entirely at your disposal.
  • We are your ideal long term sparring partner.

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Johan Van Mieghem

Johan Van Mieghem

Managing Partner Audit

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