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Efficiently bringing advanced therapies to patients worldwide, anytime, anywhere

Thursday 10/08/2023

Advanced therapies, including cell- and gene therapies, have created a revolutionary transformation with regards to treating patients. These therapies have the potential to cure illnesses which were previously believed to be incurable. They provide hope to millions of patients globally. These groundbreaking developments have led to a substantial increase in investments in the pharmaceutical industry, resulting in the development of dozens of new therapies. These therapies are estimated to deliver a value of 40 billion euros by 2027.

The supply chain needed to bring these new therapies to patients worldwide should not be underestimated. Our expert Kaat Van den Plas explains the complexity of these supply chains.

Setting new norms for logistics and treatments

"Contrary to traditional medicines, advanced therapies and medicines require meticulous handling and transportation due to specific temperature requirements and time restrictions. Further complications exist due to the fact that these medicines are applied in limited quantities."

Kaat further explains, "The challenge with advanced therapies thus lies in applying the customized and personal manufacturing processes of the medicines on a large scale."

"In-depth expertise is needed in the logistical process of getting these medicines to the patients. Patients' lives are literally on the line. We at Moore Belgium have the expertise in-house to assist pharmaceutical companies in developing, implementing, and sustaining these complex supply chains. We make every effort to get these therapies to the patients, anywhere in the world, according to the logistical requirements," addresses Kaat.

Next-level cold chain solutions are a requirement

The logistical capacities and processes play a crucial role in the supply chains of advanced therapies. Managing global shipments with critical requirements in temperature demand both highly specialized transportation and dedicated teams.

Take the example of CAR-T therapies. These have to be transported in liquid nitrogen at temperatures of minus 196 degrees Celsius (-320 degrees Fahrenheit). Innovative cryogenic logistical solutions had to be developed and implemented. In addition, the complexity of logistical planning increases due to the fact that these therapies require strict delivery schedules.

Faster logistics while meeting international trade regulations

The global supply chain network creates an additional challenge in delivering these advanced medicines to the patients. Companies need to master trade regulations to ensure smooth import and export processes. This requires a thorough understanding of regulations and the ability to navigate complex customs procedures. "And that is precisely one of Moore Belgium’s strengths" emphasizes Kaat. For example, we recently facilitated the launch of the first CAR-T clinical therapy in Saudi Arabia. A logistical challenge that we successfully mastered and are proud of.

Do you have questions about the complex world of logistics for advanced therapies? Feel free to contact our expert Kaat Van den Plas.

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