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Financial Advisory

Get down to business with the right information

Pretty much every business decision is based on financial data. That means that an accurate overview of this information is essential for making smart choices as an entrepreneur. If you really want to grow as a company, then it's sensible to choose a partner who will support you with this information.

Not only does Moore ensure that you can consult accurate data in order to make your decisions, but our experts can also provide personal advice! With years of experience and extensive knowledge, we are by your side. We optimise, finetune and challenge you to innovate where necessary. That way, you can rest assured that you are making the right decision for the success of your business!

Tailored support

The Moore team is available for all your questions and ensures that you can quickly move things forward with your business. We offer the following services:

  • Analysis and implementation of cost price systems
  • Analytical bookkeeping
  • Guidance during business reorganisation
  • Support with credit applications and credit restructuring
  • Preparation of consolidated reports and annual figures
  • Preparation of budget figures, cash planning and support with interim reviews
  • Preparation of management reports and dashboards
  • Drafting of business plans
  • Specific assignments in the area of financial expertise (financial losses, financial conflicts, acting as a sounding board in financial-economic matters, etc.)

Our passion for your success means that you can focus on what really matters. Discover what we can do for you as your partner in business.

Contact one of our experts

Frank Huyberechts

Frank Huyberechts

Partner Accountancy | Regio Brussel

Geert Van Peteghem

Geert Van Peteghem

Partner Accountancy | Regio Antwerpen en Dender

Koen Van Dorpe

Koen Van Dorpe

Partner Accountancy & Tax | Regio Vlaamse Ardennen