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Can I apply for the SME growth subsidy for my company following the Corona crisis ?

Tuesday 21/04/2020
KMO-groeisubsidie Corona

The SME growth subsidy can indeed be used to obtain advice on the consequences of the COVID-19 consequences for your company.

It is more specifically about getting advice from an external partner and/or by recruiting a strategic profile on your own payroll. After all, exploring new markets or reviewing your supply chain or supply chain can be accepted as a tipping point.

Subsidy of up to € 50,000 per Flemish SME

In that case, small and medium-sized Flemish enterprises may receive a grant of up to € 50 000, taking into account a maximum aid rate of 50%. In the case of internal reinforcement, through the recruitment of a strategic employee, the aid is capped at €25 000. In the case of external reinforcement, via Moore Belgium for example, this is also a maximum of € 25 000.

However, the support percentage remains 50% in each situation. As a result, the own contribution in each scenario remains limited to 50%. Within 12 months of the date mentioned on the decision letter concerning the granting of the subsidy, one can opt for an extension of the support for the same growth trajectory. In this way, one can first opt for internal reinforcement and then extend it to external reinforcement, for the same growth trajectory.

Please note that the company may not have negative equity capital at the time of the application and this measure falls under the application of the EU de minimis regulations.

How can Moore help?

Our subsidy experts will guide you through the entire subsidy process. This includes the preparation of the application as well as its submission and follow-up. This allows you to focus on the priorities within your company. 

Furthermore, our Supply Chain and Strategy Guidance departments offer you all the expertise and support you need to respond to the burning current challenges in your sector. If you choose to have both the subsidy file and the strategic advice handled by Moore Belgium's experts, then there is a discount of 25%. A first meeting is free of charge and without obligation. So don't hesitate to ask all your questions! 

If you have other questions regarding the Corona crisis, please visit our special FAQ

Last update: 30/04/2020

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