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Audit services

Mo(o)re that just an auditor

Whether you are considering a takeover, restructuring or merger, you need an auditor for all the reports and documents required by law. For example, reports are necessary for the following matters:

  • Amending a legal form
  • Contributions in kind
  • Dissolving a company
  • Company mergers
  • Company demergers
  • Liquidity tests
  • Net asset tests

When you appoint an auditor, you have the choice between an auditor pro forma, or an auditor who thinks on your wavelength regarding the broader framework of this statutory requirement.

When you choose Moore, you can count on a partner who not only provides efficient and high-quality support, but who offers clear advice as additional added value to the audit assignment. We work discreetly in the background, without interfering in existing relationships of trust, and we offer you a comprehensive overview during all phases of your business. As your partner in business, you can expect a whole lot in return from us.

Your partner in Moore

The team that takes on your audit assignments has extensive experience, and focuses exclusively on this assignment. That means you can count on extremely smooth cooperation, because:

  • We are a multidisciplinary team of specialists in our fields
  • You can rely on our extensive network which includes notaries, accountants, etc.
  • We offer hassle-free reporting, but also practical support in developing your business
  • You have a permanent point of contact, who has all the relevant expertise for your case

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Wendy Van der Biest

Wendy Van der Biest

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